Gem of Malvern

Gem of Malvern

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We at Accent Aluminium Windows and Doors have recently successfully completed a landmark project in Malvern. We collaborated with some of the most renowned professionals in the building industry and achieve the final fruits of our synergetic efforts.
Please find below some of the key partners:

All the windows and door used in the project were meticulously designed by our sales and estimation team complying with all the regulations.

The products were crafted at our Baywater North manufacturing facility by some of the highly skills fabricators.

Finally installed by our highly proficient installation team.

Luxury homes specialist Accent Aluminium Windows and Doors completed project in Malvern, the heart of prestigious homes in Melbourne and still stands heads and shoulders above the rest,

Our team at Accent had to overcome many challenges during the process from various shaped windows, massive size panels to highly complex and sensitive logistics due to the location of the block and the placement of the windows.

For this project panels were as heavy as 500kgs and we had to engaged two cranes (spider crane and mobile / telescopic crane) just to handle weights.

There were a range of products used in the project as listed below:

  1. Eco Wall 225mm: This one has been beautifully used between the dining and the stairs. The wall expands into 2 floors also over-looking the vertical garden on one side while up stair hallway looking down on the other. Eco Wall 225mm frame was perfectly used to open the space and lighten up the whole building.
  2. Very large Commercial Awning Windows: This was used in the front of the house on both the floors. This creates the clean vertical look like also facilitating ventilation. (Ambien)
  3. Top Hung Sliding Door: This is a perfect example of what the sliding door have become in the 21st century. Beautiful 6 panel top hung sliding doors opening in the corner with sill recessed in the floor using additional drains. The way the slide is nothing less than a piece of art when you put it in context of the room.
  4. Double Glaze Sashless Windows: Perfectly used in the around full sized floor to ceiling fixed windows to have the best ventilation while having minimum interruptions the view.
  5. Hinged Door with Translucent Glass: This combination is used in the basement toilet which has a natural source of light hitting the door. Through the translucent glass the light penetrated into the small space lighting it up.
  6. Butt joint and corner butt joint fixed window: This is used in the gym in the basement and what a perfect way to remove all interruptions and expand the space from the gymnasium to the car park.
  7. Raked window. Particularly angled at bottom: used right next to the stairs which is usually a narrow confined space. By using a raked window aligned with the flow of the stairs creating a practical solution for light and space while significantly acquiring a style of It’s own.
  8. Massive window showcasing the vertical garden. Combining inside with outside while opening up the gates for light to flow into the stairs and the basements. The size of the window rising from the basement level pushing its way all the way to the ceiling is a very creative and genius way to introduce glass while maintaining soft feel of home.

The outcome is a piece of art and a delightful experience inside out, the finish accentuates the values that Accent believes in and that is 100% satisfaction and value for the customer.

Truly a Gem of Malvern.

Using Drains with your Doors

Alspec 77 Bower Manly
Designed to straddle the water-sensitive divide between the indoor and outdoor spaces, threshold drains have become a focal point in many home designs. They feature a linear stainless-steel drainage system with a concealed channel section for door tracks and thresholds. The linear sits flush against the door-track in alignment with the ground surface. The smooth integrated concealed sub sill collects water and condensation around the doorway, carrying it to an external draining system.

These stunning and practical drains can also integrate seamlessly into sliding doors, bi-fold doors and pivot doors. With its wide range of benefits, and specific design-we are here to tell you why you should be using drains with your doors! So keep reading to find out why you should be using drains with your doors:

  • Thresholds Add Style:
    As the drain integrates elegantly into the door, it offers a low-profile design that is modern and stylish. The narrow-profile stainless steel design matches traditional with contemporary and is versatile enough to meet any doorway and shape. They are available in five different styles of grate design, so it’s easy to find one that will suit your taste and needs!
  • Thresholds are Waterproof Compliant
    These drains are designed to convey up to 40 litres of water and can collect any spillage or rain that may occur. The stainless-steel drainage system has a concealed channel section and is attached to door tracks. Due to it’s proximity to indoor and outdoor areas, the system will collect any water-fall and condensation, eliminating the built-up of moisture and flooding near the door.
  • Thresholds Allow For Seamless Entry:
    Threshold drains are an increasingly popular design that dissolves barriers between indoor and outdoor spaces. They feature a level-plane design and provide a seamless connection to indoor and outdoor areas. As the drains are integrated into the door-track, the threshold provides a continuous path which eliminates ‘tripping’ hazards.

Want To Know More?
If you want to know more about sleek contemporary designed threshold range, then it’s time to get in contact with our team! At Accent windows, we work closely with manufacturers to ensure that threshold solutions are of the highest quality and fit for purpose. With an extensive range and subsill configurations, Accent Windows can customise a solution for your unique specifications.

Reach out to our professionals today on 03 9729 4088 to learn more about using drains with your doors! Or you can email us on

The Impact Of Curtain Wall Windows on Your Interior

Commercial Doors In Melbourne
What Is A Curtain Wall Window?
A Curtain Wall Window is a popular design choice that adds interest to architecture and maximises natural light within spaces. They are a non-structural interior component that acts as a single unit and connects to the bases or columns of a building. The curtain only wears their weight and is made of lightweight materials such as thin wall glass and is framed with aluminium. For houses and buildings, these walls offer picturesque views and improve the overall thermal performance. They give exteriors the look of top to bottom glass and provide excellent structural integrity. But, what do they do for your interior, and how does this modern designed system benefit you?

Curtain Wall Windows have a lot more to offer than breathtaking views and an abundance of natural lighting. Besides bringing a stylish element to your home, they also protect outside aspects, amongst other things. To help you understand more about how curtain walls impact your interior, our team here at Accent have put together a list! Keep reading to find out more on these modern systems:

How Do They Impact Your Interior?
Curtain Walls serve as a design focal point of buildings and is a popular favourite in most modern homes. They are similar to putting a curtain inside the home to cover a window, however, they add more class, style, and draw in light. Alongside that, curtain walls have superior functionalities and would be a great addition to any commercial building or home. These single units offer improved resistance to moisture, wind, earthquakes, heat and much more.

When you choose to add a curtain wall to your building or home you can expect the following benefits and advantages:

  • Blocking harsh UV rays and light
  • Allowing light to flood the space (glass materials enable this)
  • Offering breathtaking views
  • Improving thermal efficiency
  • Adding sound insulation from outside
  • Reducing water and moisture build-up
  • Providing a unique, luxurious look to your space

These are the reason why curtain walls are a popular choice for commercial and residential buildings. Not only do they add class and style to the interior and exterior, but overall they protect your space from outside conditions. These curtain walls will make any building or home look luxurious and would be the perfect upgrade.

Here at Accent Windows, we love transforming peoples homes and buildings with custom-designed curtain window walls. Our expert team work closely with you to identify your needs and wants and leave you with a unique installed product that will last for years and elevate the style of your space.

For more information on curtain wall windows, call us on 03 9729 4088 and one of our friendly team members will be happy to help. Alternatively, you can email us!

How To Use Retractable Screens on Sliding or Stacker Doors

Living Room Sliding Windows- Accent Windows

Everyone loves the outdoors, so its no wonder that we want to bring the outdoors in with entertaining areas. A popular way to create a large, open-space area is with large spanning doors. Both sliding and stacker doors can achieve this and can bring a modern appearance to any home. However, many people are uncertain about the operation of both doors and whether they can be screened to keep insects out.

Well, the team at Accent are here to tell you they can! With each door, you can have a retractable screen installed, as they come in a variety of colours, materials, sizes and shapes, making it a smooth addition to any home. If you keep reading on you’ll find out how to use retractable screens on a sliding or stacker door, and how it can be manufactured to your requirements!

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are ideal for making your room merge seamlessly with the outside environment, and adding a retractable screen won’t stop that! Instead, a retractable screen will enhance any sized sliding door and slide neatly into an almost invisible side cartridge when not needed, allowing for clear unobstructed views. With our experts, you’ll be able to choose an approbate choice based on the size of your opening, the floor finishing and aesthetics regarding the number of panels and colour. Then it’ll be customised to your exact requirements, and allow you to easily let the outdoors in with no unwanted pests. The screen on your sliding door will be able to stop safely in any position and can be retracted easily when needed.

Stacker Doors

Just like sliding doors, stacker doors are another great option for merging the inside with the outside and can bring your home into the modern era. It can even add more style to your home when paired with a retractable screen as it will enhance the design of any stacker door. Aside from this, they are ideal for entertaining as it allows for unobstructed views and protection against unwanted pests. And with the help of the experts, you’ll be able to choose a suitable retractable screen that is customised to your exact requirements. We will find a solution that will suit the size of your opening and your style while complementing your house. The doors feature a brake system, enabling them to stop safely in any position and retract neatly away when needed. The sleek retrofit housing can be attached to any existing opening and is semi-invisible.

As you can see, these versatile, unobtrusive retractable screens are suitable for both slider and stacker doors. They are also perfect for both residential and commercial properties and can be custom-fit to almost any sized doorway.

Thus, if you love the outdoors but you want to keep the insects out, then a smooth and stylish retractable screen would be the perfect addition to your home!

Feel free to get in touch with our friendly team for more information on these retractable screens. Call us no on 03 9729 4088 or email us

Best Things About Retractable Screen


You might be building a new home, or looking to renovate your existing one; but either way the doors and windows you choose play a vital role in your homes safety and of course, style. A great addition you should consider is a retractable screen, as it can be easily customised to suit a variety of windows and doors, and effectively achieve the look you want. While retractable screens have been around for many years, they still offer a modern, sleek and stylish design that can be a glamorous improvement to any home or apartment.

Below, our expert team at Accent Windows have outlined all the benefits of retractable screens, and some reasons why you should consider adding them to your home.

  • They’re Universal

Retractable screens are customisable and come in a variety of colours, materials, sizes and shapes, making it a smooth addition into any home. These screens can be designed to fit a variety of windows and doors easily, whether it’s a set of French doors, Bi-folding doors or windows, or even a casement window, retractable fly screens can fit it. And if not, Accent Windows will create a custom solution that is tailored to your unique specifications, so your retractable screen can be designed to fit anywhere you want.

  • They keep out unwanted guests

In the warmer months, it’s always nice to let a breeze through the house- but when opening some windows and doors, it can invite some bugs and insects into the home as well. With a retractable screen, you can easily let air into the home while keeping those unwanted bugs and insects out. They can also provide shade against the sun’s hot rays and offer additional privacy for your home’s interior. Therefore you can enjoy all the fresh air coming into your home, without worrying about harsh rays, and all those unwanted guests coming in with it.

  • They’re energy-efficient

Aside from keeping insects out, and providing shade against the sun, retractable screens also let air flow freely into your home. This means that doors and windows can be open more often, increasing ventilation and reducing the need for air conditioning and other energy-dependent cooling equipment. As a result, your energy bills will be lower and you will have a more energy-efficient home overall.

  • They’re High-quality and Long-lasting

Made with strong, sturdy, long-lasting materials, retractable screens are designed to last a long time. The top quality material they are made with are designed to withstand the test of time, so even after a few years, your retractable screens will still be as strong as ever. Not only will they stay strong and durable, they will also maintain a low profile as they easily slide into place or out of sight.

  • They’re affordable

Retractable screens are one of the most cost-effective options for your renovation or build and are the perfect home addition. Not only are they more affordable than other types of windows and doors, but they’ll last a lot longer due to the materials used to construct them and, they are very easy to maintain as the components and mechanisms can be accessed with no difficulty.

Interested in installing retractable screens in your home? Then reach out to one of our friendly team members today on 03 9729 4088 and find out what your best options are. Alternatively, you can email us on

Ambassador’s Visit At Accent

His Excellency Mr Wahidullah Waissi, Afghanistan’s ambassador to Australia paid a visit to Accent Aluminium Windows and Doors in Bayswater North on 15th November 2019. The ambassador acknowledged the contribution Accent has made to Australia in the past 3 decades in providing secure long term employment for locals residing Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs, as well as the impact Accent has had on the economy in the state of Victoria.

Currently Accent employs over 75 people in total and operates in 6 factories with more than 5,000 square metres of working space. The community leaders and the ambassador were taken on a tour to the showroom in the main office as well as the different divisions in the organisation.

The commercial division has just been relocated to a new factory with over 900 square metres of foot print, while the domestic division was planned to expand in November to the vacated factory.

All visitors were welcomed by the director, Mr Basir Abbass who had recently returned from Ethnic Business Awards night in Sydney, with traditional Afghani luncheon. Mr Basir Abbass thanked His Excellency, the ambassador for his visit by a small donation towards the people of Afghanistan.

At Accent Aluminium Windows and Doors, it’s never about windows and doors, it’s about the community and the world we live in. We love being part of the community and we love to contribute to the community. These visits are a testimony to our core beliefs and values, we appreciate everyone attending the gathering, especially His Excellency Mr Wahidullah Waissi and offer our support when required.


5 Signs That It’s Time To Replace Your Windows


Checking the conditions of your windows from time to time should be taken into consideration, as windows play an important role in your household. Windows can add value to your home, improve your comfort, increase energy efficiency and provide more access to natural light. So, when was the last time you checked your windows? How will you know when it’s time to replace them?

We’ve put together the 5 biggest signs that indicate you need new windows:

  1. Difficulty opening, closing and locking windows: Close and open each window in your home to check for smooth operation, if it requires some force and pressure to open then it’s time to replace them. Windows that are difficult to operate may be rusted over, making it a chore for you to open and close. If your windows don’t close properly, you probably won’t be able to lock them, which can impact the safety of your home.
  2. Window Frames Are Decaying: Window frames are constantly exposed to moisture and it can build up over time, causing serious decay and safety issues.
    Having a build-up of moisture can also cause leaky windows, as a result, you could find some droplets or even small pools of water around your home from your windows. If you notice that your frames show signs of decay or there are droplets of water around your home, then this is a definite sign that you need a serious upgrade.
  3. Windows Aren’t Soundproofing Your Home: Windows are designed to reduce the amount of sound from outdoors, which can make a huge difference to homeowners who live on a busy road. If your window is shut and you can clearly hear noises from outside, then this is probably an indicator that your window needs replacing. So, if you want a window that ensures you peace and quiet in your home; then organizing new window installation is the way to go.
  4. Windows are Drafty: Do you feel a breeze from your windows when they’re closed? In this case, there may be a broken or faulty seal that causes your window not to shut properly and changes the overall temperature in your home. As a result, your energy bills will be higher as your system would work in overdrive to keep up with the fluctuations in temperature. Installing a new window will eliminate those drafts and drastically improve your energy efficiency.
  5. Condensation build-up: Not all condensation is bad, but if you notice that your windows are building up condensation between the layers of glass, it means your seals have failed and allowed moisture between the glass panes. Once the seals fail your windows become leaky and the efficiency is gone. So, if you do see condensation between the two panes of glass, then that’s a sign to get your windows replaced before they get too leaky.

Do You Think Your Windows Need Replacing?

If you’re finding that your windows aren’t operating properly then you need to choose the right installation team to replace them. At Accent Windows, we understand that replacing your windows is a big investment; that’s why we work with you to provide you with windows that are as unique as your home. We offer custom exterior colours to perfectly match the exterior colour of your home, while also offering a variety of designer glass options, allowing you to personalize your windows to match the aesthetics of your home.

Are you ready to replace the windows in your home? Then contact a friendly member of the Accent team on 03 9729 4088 or by email on

How to Prevent Mould Growth On Your Window Sills?


Windows need to be cleaned and taken care of, else, mould will start growing on your window sills. In most homes, mould begins to grow at the bottom of the window between the glass and sash frame. Usually, mould is coloured and easily identified, but sometimes the mould can be the same colour as the window frame, making it difficult to notice. Therefore there could be more mould than what you can see, which can potentially be dangerous to you and your families health. Our window experts at Accent have put together some tips on how to efficiently prevent mould growth and manage any mould that is on your window sills.

Preventing Mould Growth:

Two leading causes of mould build-up is leaking windows and condensation. If you find your window is leaking, then it’s important to check the health of your window seals, and if you find they aren’t secure then they will need replacing.
As for condensation, you can reduce this by maintaining proper airflow in your home, to do this keep ceiling vents open at all times.
Aside from air-flow, it’s essential to regularly clean your windows and home interior. The bedroom and the bathroom are two common places for mould growth, as they build more dust than other rooms. Regularly dust and wipe down these areas to prevent any build-up.
You should also clean the exterior of your home’s windows as well. While grime and dust build-up on the inside, it can easily build on the outside as well, as your windows are always exposed to different weather conditions. Cleaning your home’s windows on a regular basis will be beneficial to your family and windows health.

Getting Rid Of Mould:

If you’ve found that there’s mould on some of your homes windows, then it’s important to clean the area immediately. It is also important to keep yourself safe while doing so:

  • Before you begin, always put on gloves and a dust mask. You want to make sure you do not ingest the dangerous spores that the mould can release into the air.
  • Ensure there is adequate ventilation in the room by opening a window or door so the mould spores can escape.
  • Scrub the mould off the windowsill with a non-abrasive brush and a mixture of one part bleach and three parts warm water- this will loosen the mould, which allows you to easily wipe away
  • Allow the windowsill to dry completely before you close the window. Wipe off any remaining residue.

What If I can’t Remove The Mould?

Overtime if mould isn’t cleaned then it can easily rust into your windows, ruining the frame and overall health of your window. If this is the case then its probably time to replace them with a window that offers superior performance in air ventilation. Our windows at Accent Windows seal tightly, so there is less of a chance that mould will build up. So if you find yourself constantly scrubbing your windows inside and out and mould is just not budging, then for the health and safety of your family and home the best solution would be replacing them. With superior performance, custom designs and colours; our team can help you find a window that is low maintenance and stylish.

Feel free to get in touch with our friendly team on 03 9729 4088 or

Ethnic Business AwardsFinalist 2019



Recently our Director Basir Abbass was nominated for the Prestigious Ethnic Business Awards and we have now been notified that he is one of the finalists to attend the Awards Ceremony late October 2019.

The awards ceremony will be hosted in Sydney by the Prime Minister and is scheduled to be televised on SBS TV on the evening of 28th of October 2019, for more details please see below.

We believe Accent is already a winner for being selected as a finalist, nomination itself is a humbling experience for Basir and accepted with gratitude.

Accent Aluminium Window and Doors is Ethnic Business Awards Finalist


We thank you for your continual support over past years for engaging and understanding Accent Aluminum Windows and Doors’ needs as a business and more importantly as a member of your own family.

Accent is a family business and it will remain a family business, everyone that interacts with Accent will be treated as a family member, with that we feel privileged to have worked with you as a member of our family and making this award nomination possible, without your support this nomination would not have been possible, we just wanted you to know that we appreciate every step of the journey that you have been with us.