The Impact Of Curtain Wall Windows on Your Interior

Commercial Doors In Melbourne

Commercial Doors In Melbourne
What Is A Curtain Wall Window?
A Curtain Wall Window is a popular design choice that adds interest to architecture and maximises natural light within spaces. They are a non-structural interior component that acts as a single unit and connects to the bases or columns of a building. The curtain only wears their weight and is made of lightweight materials such as thin wall glass and is framed with aluminium. For houses and buildings, these walls offer picturesque views and improve the overall thermal performance. They give exteriors the look of top to bottom glass and provide excellent structural integrity. But, what do they do for your interior, and how does this modern designed system benefit you?

Curtain Wall Windows have a lot more to offer than breathtaking views and an abundance of natural lighting. Besides bringing a stylish element to your home, they also protect outside aspects, amongst other things. To help you understand more about how curtain walls impact your interior, our team here at Accent have put together a list! Keep reading to find out more on these modern systems:

How Do They Impact Your Interior?
Curtain Walls serve as a design focal point of buildings and is a popular favourite in most modern homes. They are similar to putting a curtain inside the home to cover a window, however, they add more class, style, and draw in light. Alongside that, curtain walls have superior functionalities and would be a great addition to any commercial building or home. These single units offer improved resistance to moisture, wind, earthquakes, heat and much more.

When you choose to add a curtain wall to your building or home you can expect the following benefits and advantages:

  • Blocking harsh UV rays and light
  • Allowing light to flood the space (glass materials enable this)
  • Offering breathtaking views
  • Improving thermal efficiency
  • Adding sound insulation from outside
  • Reducing water and moisture build-up
  • Providing a unique, luxurious look to your space

These are the reason why curtain walls are a popular choice for commercial and residential buildings. Not only do they add class and style to the interior and exterior, but overall they protect your space from outside conditions. These curtain walls will make any building or home look luxurious and would be the perfect upgrade.

Here at Accent Windows, we love transforming peoples homes and buildings with custom-designed curtain window walls. Our expert team work closely with you to identify your needs and wants and leave you with a unique installed product that will last for years and elevate the style of your space.

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