Leigh – Port Melbourne

Please pass this on to Vakil, Majid, Sakhi, and all concerned.
I am so impressed by the service I have been given by Accent in relation to my sliding doors. I know you all did your best to get my doors “right”, and spent much time in trying to resolve the problems. When there were still issues, I greatly appreciated that Nick and his team from Howse Constructions were bought in. Yesterday they came out to my house, and with some difficulty but with much care, took the doors and frame out, did what was needed, then reinstalled and adjusted it all. I could not fault them on their work, professionalism, and care.
I now have the sliding doors I had oped for. They look even, slide more smoothly, and close properly. I am so thankful that my issue was taken seriously, and every effort was made by Accent to fix the problem. I am very happy with the doors, and with Accent Windows, and are looking forward to using them for years ahead.
Thank You

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