How to child-proof your home’s doors

Accent Windows Photo

Accent Windows Photo

Kids are curious creatures and like to understand the world around them using their hands. Unfortunately, this can result in little fingers poking in places that can result in painful injuries.

Houses present all kinds of hazards, from kitchen knives and table edges, to pools and electrical plugs. Something as seemingly harmless as a door can be an accident waiting to happen.

Luckily, there are some easy steps you can take to make the doors in your home more child-friendly.

Mind the gap (and the hinge)

A finger jammed in a door’s gap results in a best case scenario of a few tears and a bruise, or in worst cases, a trip to the hospital. Most injuries happen at the hinged side of the door, where fingers get stuck in the gap as it swings open or shut.

To prevent curious hands getting hurt, invest in a door safety shield. This is a length of plastic that completely covers the gap and hinges.

Another option is to install a pinch guard, which acts as a buffer so the door can never fully close and fingers can’t be trapped at either side. There are a number of nifty devices to choose from that you can install to child-proof your doors.

For doors that lead outside, a buffer preventing it from closing is not the right solution. Often sliding doors are a popular choice for an entrance, and don’t have hinges that can catch little fingers.

Prevent accidents with glass

Glass is a stunning addition to any home, and there are steps you can take to minimise the possibility of a mishap without compromising on aesthetics.

Consider where furniture is placed in a room. Will an armchair tipping backwards shoot its occupant through glass? Does the bed frame act as a ladder to a high window? Will the edge of  a doormat trip someone up? Move your furniture to encourage children to play safely around glass doors and windows in your home.

Often children, and sometimes even adults, simply run into glass doors as they cannot distinguish the glass, especially when it’s clean. Applying transfers or stickers on the glass at a child’s eye level is a simple way to alert them to the glass being there.

Teaching kids safety first

It’s up to us to teach children the importance of keeping safe around doors. Specifically to stay away from the hinges and gaps, and not to slam doors, even when they’re in a tantrum.

If there is an accident with a glass door, remember to clean any fallen glass straight away and keep the area clear until the door can be fixed or replaced.

By having the right knowledge around door safety, you can ensure the wellbeing of you and your family, while still enjoying a range of doors in your home. If you’re looking for the right solution for your family, or still have questions, just ask one of the friendly team at Accent today.