The best of Buying Blind

The best of Buying Blind

House Post Renovations In Melbourne

As the year draws to a close, we look back and celebrate our best achievements for the Accent team. One of the biggest highlights has been our TV appearances— especially Channel Nine’s Buying Blind.

We were delighted to help bring three Australian families’ dreams to life by adding the special Accent touch to their homes, transforming the drab to dazzling and creating spaces to be cherished for a lifetime.


Dallas and Jenny’s home presented some unique design challenges due to Jenny’s brief, as well as the addition of a new family member to the household: Dallas’ elderly father, John.

It was therefore crucial that the Buying Blind team created a separate space for John while accommodating Jenny’s dream of a Scandi-coastal-boho interior.

Much to Shaynna Blaze’s chagrin, Jenny expressed fears over the colour black in the bohemian decor. Luckily there were no issues getting the client to trust the team’s expertise once the renovations were revealed with Accent’s classic black aluminium frames.

Langwarrin - Accent Windows

Ditching the original, dated cream window frames for black effortlessly complemented the relaxed, coastal interior. The final look was not only timeless, but helped to break up the sea of white throughout the home— something Shaynna was confident would stand the test of time.

A true testament to aluminium’s versatility, the black frames also provided a subdued feel for grandfather John’s very own space in the home.

Langwarrin Images

Here’s the complete list of Accent’s contributions to Dallas and Jenny’s home:

Read the full breakdown of Accent’s work on the Langwarrin Buying Blind episode here.

Mount Evelyn

Lis and Ali’s desperate search for their future family home truly demonstrated that even the most frustrating renovation process is worth it if you make the right design choices.

In desperate need of an overhaul that would turn their house into a home, Lis and Ali put their trust in the Buying Blind team to make the impossible happen. Luckily, Accent helped to achieve just that.

Accent Windows Mount Evelyn

Monument aluminium frames provided a striking contrast to the home’s bright and whimsical decor, as well as the muted blue accents along the home’s red brick exterior.

The final reveal provided a huge emotional payoff for Lis and Ali, who were clearly impressed by Shaynna’s decision to anchor the home’s more playful features — such as the polka dot bathroom tiles — with Accent’s balanced black frames.

Mount Evelyn- Accent Windows

Here’s the complete list of Accent’s contributions to Lis and Ali’s home:

Read the full breakdown of Accent’s work on the Mount Evelyn Buying Blind episode here.


Cathy and Alex’s home had massive potential to begin with, but it required a few tweaks to bring it into the modern day and make it seriously impressive.

Dull and dated elements were given a new lease on life by focusing on a rich but neutral colour scheme. The home’s expansive interior and use of wood grain throughout was the ideal space to introduce Accent’s black aluminium frames.

The black aluminium door frames installed at the home’s entrance and back door made for a bold introduction to both the entryway and the outdoor entertaining area. Accent’s black frames also allowed the home’s windows to break up the white interior and prevent the largest spaces from appearing too washed out.

While the living room’s floor-reaching aluminium window gave the space some serious impact, the star of the show was definitely the kitchen. The awning window really tied in the marble island counter and steel accents.

Doncaster Images

Here’s the complete list of Accent’s contributions to Cathy and Alex’s home:

Read the full breakdown of Accent’s work on the Doncaster Buying Blind episode here.

Who knew aluminium could be so versatile? To see how Accent’s windows and doors can transform your home, get in touch with an expert to find a custom solution for your space.

Buying Blind: Adding the Accent touch to a renovated Doncaster home

Buying Blinds Doncaster

Over the past few weeks, Accent Windows has been helping Shaynna Blaze and her Buying Blind team renovate a series of family homes across Victoria.

This week, we walk you through the special touches we added to this gorgeous property located in Doncaster.

Entry door – Nothing makes a better first impression than a bold, beautiful entranceway. To give this property the cutting edge it was looking for, our team installed a jet black anodised aluminium entry door unit featuring a sidelight, mid rails, a stainless-steel handle and additional dead lock.

Commercial fixed windows – Along both sides of the entry door, we added full-height fixed windows (made with matching black anodised frames) for maximum visibility and style.

Stacker door – Stacker doors that separate the inside from out create a calm sense of space in any home. Installed between the kitchen/dining area and an outdoor deck, this property just became the perfect place to entertain.

Commercial awning windows – To emphasise the space created by our stacker door, we installed large awning windows in the kitchen and pantry, as well as floor-to-ceiling awning windows in bedrooms across the home. Awning windows are a fantastic option for light and ventilation – not to mention the outdoor views!

If you’d like to see how these features could transform your home, contact Accent
Windows for a no-obligation chat today. You can also see what we’ve added to other homes on Channel Nine’s Buying Blind; simply check out our posts featuring renovated homes in Mount Evelyn and Langwarrin.

Buying Blind: All the work Accent did for the Langwarrin episode

Aluminium Windows For Kitchen

Once again Accent Windows featured heavily in Nine’s Buying Blind. In this episode we helped Shaynna Blaze and her team renovate the Langwarrin property into a stunning family home.

If you’re after more information on the products and services we provided for Buying Blind, you can find a breakdown below.

Bi-fold kitchen servery – Seamlessly opening up the kitchen to the outside entertainment and barbecue area, these modern windows create an unrivalled hosting space for the warmer months. The stylish black frame of the servery windows contrasts nicely with the white kitchen bench top and cabinetry.

Commercial fixed windows – As part of the renovation we installed two commercial fixed windows, both of which overlook the outdoor entertainment area and allow natural light to flow into the living spaces.

Bi-fold doorsA three-panel bi-fold door was fitted between the dining room and outdoor entertainment area, opening up the space into one fresh and vibrant area that is perfect for entertaining family and friends.

Buying Living Area Blind Langwarrin

Commercial sashless windowsThe ideal modern solution, sashless windows integrate into any space adding a chic and contemporary look. The sashless window we installed for Buying Blind featured obscured glass to provide privacy, whilst also offering excellent ventilation as the only openable window in the space.

Did you like what you saw from Accent on Buying Blind? To have similar features added to your home, contact Accent Windows today. For installation and replacement services we offer a no obligation quote and site inspection.

You can also see what we did for the Mount Evelyn episode right here, and watch episodes of Buying Blind via 9Now by clicking this link.

Buying Blind: How Accent helped renovate the Mount Evelyn home

Buying Blind Mt Evelyn

If you watched Channel 9’s Buying Blind last night, you may have noticed that we were heavily involved in the renovations Shaynna Blaze and the guys did on the stunning Mount Evelyn home.

If you want to know which products and services we provided for Buying Blind, you can find a full list below and how they helped bring the home to life.

Commercial awning windows Commercial awning windows are made to last and provide a versatile modern aesthetic. Our team installed commercial awnings in both the kitchen and the bathroom of the home, allowing for ample natural light to flow throughout the house and excellent ventilation. The awning installed in the bathroom featured obscured glass for added privacy.

Bi-fold servery – In-between the kitchen and the outside entertainment area we installed a bi-fold servery. This feature is a fantastic addition to the kitchen and breakfast bar, and promises to be a family favourite during the warmer months.

Sliding doors Strong, reliable and allowing plenty of natural light into living areas, sliding doors are a popular feature for many home owners. For this renovation we installed a sliding door that flows out to the new deck area from the lounge room, adding light and ventilation to this lively hub of the home.

Buying Sliding Blind Mt Evelyn

Invisi-Gard security door – For additional security we installed a seamless Invi-Gard security door to the front entry. This feature offers fantastic security, requires little maintenance and looks great.

If you want to have similar features added to your home, contact Accent Windows today. For installation and replacement services we offer a no obligation quote and site inspection.