Caring for your aluminium windows and doors

Commercial Sliding Doors In Melbourne

Commercial Sliding Doors In Melbourne

One of the many benefits of aluminium windows and doors is the low maintenance required to keep them clean. Whilst aluminium does prove much easier to maintain than wooden frames, there are still some tips and tricks you can implement to enhance the life, appearance and functionality of your aluminium doors and windows.

General care for external frames

Caring for your exterior facing aluminium windows and doors is a simple process. Every three months you should gently clean the aluminium surfaces with clean water that’s been mixed with a mild detergent.

When cleaning the aluminium surface care should be taken, with only soft sponges or cloths being used. No abrasive materials or strong cleaning products such as Ajax should come into contact with the aluminium surface. Once you have cleaned the surface you can rinse the soapy residue off with a cloth soaked in clean water.

If you’re located in a coastal area, near prolonged construction or close to an industrial precinct, you may want to increase the frequency of cleaning to a monthly basis.

Keeping parts as good as new

Windows with sashes should be regular cleaned to ensure no debris or blockages are in the way. Doors and windows with recesses and tracks, such as sliding varieties should also be kept clear of debris regularly. Drainage holes in all doors and windows that have them should be checked regularly to ensure they are clear at all times.

Moving parts should be tended to and checked every six months. Hangers, pivots and brackets can be lightly sprayed with corrosion preventative products, and excess residue should be wiped away.

Hinges can be cleaned with warm soapy water and then rinsed with a damp cloth. If the hinges need you can apply a light spray of machine oil to keep them performing at their best.

Keep glass and flyscreens clean

Glass surfaces should be kept clean any time they appear dirty, for practicality as well as looks. Using clean water you can gently wipe away any dirt. If there are stubborn patches you might want to use a mild detergent, but any remaining residue should then be washed down with clean water.

Fly screens can be cleaned with a vacuum or brush in most instances, which should be done around three times a year. If for any reason a fly screen requires thorough cleaning you should remove the screen from the window, hose it down with clean water, gently brush the screen with a cloth and then allow it to dry before reinstalling.

One of the many benefits of aluminium windows and doors is the lower maintenance levels required – and by following these simple steps you will be able to ensure your products remain as good as new well into the future.

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