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Why should I choose Accent Windows for my renovation?

We serve 3,000 customers in Victoria and nearby areas every year. For more than 30 years, we have been manufacturing a wide selection of aluminium windows and doors in residential areas and commercial buildings. We offer our installation service so you can rest assured your product will operate as it should. If you have chosen us to install your products too, we will come in and take measurements before manufacturing your chosen product.

What kind of materials do you use for your products?

We manufacture our aluminium doors and windows with the highest quality Australian aluminium. Each product conforms to the Australian Standard (AS2047-2014). You can trust that it is sturdy enough to last for decades. The diversity of our products gives clients customised solutions at reasonable prices. All our glass complies with AS 1288-2006 AMD 3.2015 as well.

What kind of safety features are your products made with?

In addition to quality aluminium, our bi-folds and sliding doors are manufactured with a full pane of glass. Heavy duty hinges enable our hinged and bi-fold doors to last for years. Security handles and locks give added protection to any home or office building. We are certified to manufacture and install ALSPEC security grilles, which can be inserted in any opening.

Does Accent Windows offer a warranty?

All of our products come with a 7-year warranty. This also includes the workmanship of aluminium windows and doors.

Australia Made

All our aluminium doors and windows are manufactured with the highest quality aluminium sourced from Australian-owned companies, conforming to the Australian Standard (AS2047 1999). So not only can you trust that it is sturdy enough to last for decades, you are helping support Australian industry.

We pride ourselves on using Australian materials to deliver outstanding quality and durability to Australian households.