Dramatic luxury for homes and seamless workspaces

Top hung doors (sliding top hung doors) bring stunning luxury to homes and a design statement to workplaces.



Sliding top hung doors help to create an open, flexible and modern space for both living and working environments, making a real statement of class, elegance and versatility.


Open, polished look

These doors feature heavy-duty stainless steel hinges and rollers, custom locks, and bi-fold activators.

A sliding top hung door will open up a room to light.

Top hung for a silky smooth operation with all ball race hangers.

All the fittings are in stainless steel/brushed chrome.

replacing windows

Installation and Replacement Service

Accent offers 7 year warranty on Installation and Replacement service whether it is replacing old windows or installation on new homes or commercial premises.

double glazed

Double glazed


Tinted + obscure options available

Commercial Range Sliding Top Hung Door

Beautiful, sliding top hung doors are perfect for modern homes and create an unforgettable impression.

Frame Size 100 mm + 150mm
Maximum Height 3000 mm
Maximum Width 1800 mm
Maximum Glass Thickness 12.76mm (single glazed), double glazed 24 mm (IGUs), tinted and obscure glass options available

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