Are your glass doors ready for winter? Here’s how to tell

Bi-Fold Windows In Melbourne

Bi-Fold Windows In Melbourne

Australia is a country of extreme climates, and the harsh seasons can take their toll on your home’s doors.

Winter brings cold air, lots of rain and, depending on where you live, frost or even snow. While you won’t have to worry about warped wood or cracked paint with aluminium doors, it’s still important to safeguard them from the elements.

Now is the perfect time to prepare those glass doors for the winter weather to minimise any damage— and keep you warm all winter, of course! Here are the most important things to check to see if your doors are ready for the colder months:

Are your doors sealed?

Doors aren’t just a way to enter and leave a building. They’re what keeps the inside of your home separate from the outdoors.

This is why it’s so important to make sure they’re doing their job. That means eliminating any gaps that could be causing draughts.

Even the tiniest of draughts can allow enough cold air into your home to not just make it unpleasant in the winter, but drive up the cost of heating.

Be sure to check the entire door frame as well as fixtures such as hinges and rubber seals for any cold air coming through.

Thankfully, these checks aren’t needed quite as frequently with quality aluminium doors, as the rubber along the tracks and frame provide a tight seal to prevent cold air coming through.

Are your doors properly insulated?

Not all doors are made equal, and that’s never more apparent than during the colder months. The type and quality of materials make a world of difference when it comes to insulation factor.

Opting for glass doors made of quality aluminium and installed by an expert team will ensure that your home is kept warm no matter how cold it is outside.

It’s also a great idea to install double glazing, whether you’re installing new glass doors or wanting to make your existing ones more resilient against the cold. Double glazing increases thermal efficiency and helps to maintain the temperature inside your home. And yes, this means a lower energy bill for you, too!

Have you covered any glass?

One of the most important things you should do to protect your glass doors in winter is also the easiest: invest in some heavy curtains.

These should be made of a thick, lined material and reach the floor to provide the ultimate protection against the cold. Simply let the sun warm your home through the glass during the day, then draw the curtains when the sun goes down to keep out that nighttime winter chill.

Even if your glass doors are double-glazed, you’d be surprised just how much less you’ll have to run your heating during winter thanks to heavy drapes.

Not to mention they’re fantastic for blocking light, making them ideal for bedrooms.

Ready to start winter-proofing your home? Then start with glass doors. Reach out to Accent today and make sure you’re not left out in the cold this winter.