Broken window? Here’s what to do next

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Whether it’s the result of a stray ball or a confused bird, visible damage to your windows is a real concern and in most cases, a safety issue.

Broken windows could worsen and shed shards of glass, or be an invitation to home invaders. So what steps should you take to minimise the impact of a broken window?

Contacting a professional to replace the window will be the safest and most hassle-free option, but there are things you can do yourself to make the replacement run smoother.

First, run a dustpan and brush around the area to pick up any bits of glass so nobody gets hurt. Now you’re ready to assess the damage.

Diagnose the type of break

A chip, or small piece of missing glass, is often caused by something like a stray rock flung from the lawnmower outside. Although chips seem harmless, they can quickly turn into a nasty break if not dealt with properly.

Cracks can result from a number of issues. A stress crack is caused by a quick change in temperature, just like when you put a hot plate immediately under cold running water and it breaks. Windows falling or slamming can also create a crack and will spread if not dealt with.

An impact break is easy to spot— it’s exactly what it sounds like. Imagine a cricket bat swung at full speed at the glass. These often result in starburst-patterned breaks, so you’ll know the whole window will need replacing.

Work out a temporary solution

No matter what type of break you’re dealing with, here are some steps you can take to reduce any further damage.

For a chip, simply flush it with solvent or a mild detergent and warm water. Then use a thin layer of clear nail polish to seal it. A professional can fill the chip with a gel that hardens without any bubbles, leaving it virtually undetectable.

Cover any cracks with packing tape on both sides of the glass, as well as at either end of the crack to prevent it from spreading any further.

For impact breaks, it’s best to not touch these at all as the whole window could collapse. You’ll almost definitely need a new window.

Seek out a professional

Need that break gone fast? Use this as an opportunity to rethink your window choice.

You may wish to reconsider the design of the window, or to ensure it’s properly equipped to handle potential accidents. Aluminium windows from Accent are the perfect option.

Ready to opt for new windows that are stylish and sturdier? Get in touch with Accent’s team of professionals today for new windows you’ll love.