Fixing an Aluminium Bi-fold Door that Simply Won’t Close

Bi-Fold Doors In Living Room- Accent Windows
Bi-Fold Doors In Living Room- Accent Windows

Plenty of homeowners encounter this problem when it comes to their bi-fold aluminium doors. The good news is that it is often a product of wear and tear, and can be quickly resolved. In case you aren’t sure what we are referring to, it’s when your aluminium bi-fold doors won’t fully shut. Aluminium bi-fold doors are made of two or more panels, which are connected by their hinges to form a seal over a doorway or entrance. These are among the most popular types of doors Melbourne homeowners and builders love to consider, especially for renovation projects. When it comes to picking out aluminium doors, or windows Melbourne builders find reliable, Accent Aluminium Windows never fails to satisfy.

You can bet that aluminium bi-fold doors rate highly among our top product choices here at Accent Aluminium Windows. Our team is often fond of recommending these, especially when our customers make any enquiries about sliding doors or alternatives to sliding doors. The reason for this is that both sliding doors and bi-fold doors can allow for glass panes to be framed within aluminium frames. This in turn helps to maximise the amount of natural light that your interior spaces can receive. If you have experienced issues with your bi-fold doors that cause them not to fully close, keep a set of tools ready and read on to find out about our DIY recommendation.

Find the Snugger and Make the Right Adjustments

A snugger is a plastic component that holds a metal spring within it. Snuggers are an essential component in most bi-fold doors and are usually found in the section where a bi-fold door stops when completely opened. Often, a closed bi-fold door may push against the snugger spring too tightly, causing the door to open itself after you’ve closed it. In this case, you’ll need to push the snugger further in towards the side where the door casing is located. The door casing is the trim that’s fitted around the door frame. For bi-fold doors that have four panels, you may want to make adjustments to the spring, so that it is centred within the snugger.

Sliding the Snugger through Your Door Panels

Most bi-fold door designs will allow you to slide the snugger along the track until it is centred evenly between the door panels. Where you’ll have to push the snugger is mostly determined by the number of panels that your door has. For four-panel bi-fold doors, you’ll need to slide the snugger until it is centred between the panels. Two-panel bi-fold doors will require you to slide the snugger towards the side where the door casing is located.

Checking for Any Additional Adjustments

Once you’ve slid the snugger to its appropriate spot, you can now test to see if your bi-fold doors will fully close. If it still refuses to fully close, you may have to detach the door from its track to inspect it further. At this stage, check online to see if any video tutorials are available to help you be fully certain, in case you feel confident enough to handle the DIY adjustment on your own. Most bi-fold doors may require you to unhinge them so you may comfortably make any additional adjustments that involve loosening the bracket so you may align it to be closer to the door casing.

Accent Aluminium Windows can Help with Your Bi-fold Doors

Hopefully, these tips would have helped you better understand why it is that your bi-fold doors may be malfunctioning. These are very simple tips to consider, for a common issue that is often found with bi-fold doors. However, you should remember that we keep a team of professional installers and consultants who is more than able to help whether you require a replacement or assistance with malfunctioning bi-fold doors. All you need is to call us on (03) 9729 4088 if you ever need to enquire about aluminium doors or aluminium windows today.