Curtain Wall / ecoWALL

Chic and contemporary, the ecoWALL® 225 or often referred to as Curtain Wall serves as a design focal point for commercial buildings and high end bespoke modern homes. They add design interest to architecture and allow for maximum light within a space.

Curtain Walls works as a single unit and drains through sub-sills to solve water leakage. These single-serving units give you the benefit of breathtaking views, natural light and resistance against moisture, wind, earthquakes and heat. By having one frame rather than multiples will improve the design of the space as well as reduce and simplify wall structures.


Picturesque Views

Designed to keep the weather out and the occupants in, a curtain wall system will bring you the best outlook and allow for natural light to flood in.

Superior Weather Performance

Highly resistant to moisture, wind, and heat, the ecoWALL® 225 or curtain wall provides excellent structural integrity and will deliver improvements in thermal performance. The frame being wider and stronger than a conventional 100mm or 150mm frame, allows us to have one window where you would normally have multiples.

Commercial design pedigree

Single and double glazing options

Neat, clean

Lockable hardware options

Can be customised to meet 6 Star energy rating requirements


Up to BAL40 bushfire attack level


Installation and Replacement Service

Accent offers 15 years warranty on Installation and Replacement service whether it is replacing old windows or installation on new homes or commercial premises.

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