Posted by emote on 04 February 2019

Sometimes the need for home renovations and repairs can come out of nowhere, leaving you feeling flustered over a task you hadn’t even planned for. This is especially true when replacing windows.

Between looking at product options and calling around for quotes, it’s all too easy to overlook the most important things and make a costly mistake. To prevent yourself from making some all-too-common critical errors, check out our guide to these typical oversights to avoid.

Not investing in quality

Everyone loves replacing windows, right? Of course not! That’s why it’s so important to make sure your new windows won’t need to be replaced again in the near future.

The best way to do this is to invest in the most quality windows you can afford. When considering the price, just remember that a quality product can save you some serious money down the track.

On the other hand, going with the cheaper option can end up costing you more money due to needing to be replaced more frequently. Always invest in quality windows!

Buying second-hand

We’ve all had that moment of spotting those amazing second-hand window frames for sale online, at a junkyard or maybe even left out with the hard rubbish. What a steal! Well, not always.

Those pre-loved windows have already seen their fair share of wear and tear, so they probably won’t have much staying power for their second lease on life. Save those old windows for the kids’ treehouse.

DIY installation

“Why would I pay someone to do this for me when I can do it myself for free?” Those words are no doubt akin to nails on a chalkboard, no matter what your profession. But just in case you are considering installing your own replacement windows, let’s break down the cost.

Tradesmen spend years learning not just how to do what they do, but how to do it well. They’ve sunk hundreds of hours into perfecting their craft, so working with an expert team guarantees you’ll be happy with the results.

Every tradesman can tell you a nightmare story about fixing up a botched home job, and windows are no exception. Ironically, calling in a qualified tradesman to repair your DIY disaster may very well end up costing you more than if you’d called in the professionals from the beginning.

Not doing your research

It goes without question that researching the best replacement window for your home is an important step in the process. But what about who you choose to buy them from?

Quality customer service, industry expertise and, of course, products are all crucial factors in how happy you’ll be with the final results. Make sure you choose a reputable company with great reviews— these never lie!

Accent are seasoned pros in producing and installing windows. Get in touch and let us take care of the entire process for you.

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