House Rules: All the work we did on the Thornbury home

House Rules: All the work we did on the Thornbury home


One of the best things about Melbourne is the plethora of gorgeous old weatherboard houses, particularly around the Northern suburbs. As an official House Rules supplier, the Accent Windows team were recently lucky enough to help renovate one of these old homes and give it a new lease on life.

We’ve spoken before about how modern aluminium windows pair so well with classic homes, and the Thornbury house was no exception.

This weatherboard charmer held great potential thanks to its great location, multi-room layout and amazing backyard. All it needed was a few key additions to help it shine.

As the home now boasts black features throughout — including cabinetry, wall features and tapware — it made sense to complement this with black aluminium windows and doors

While the results speak for themselves, nowhere was this more apparent than the living room. With bold black floorboards and a view of the revamped backyard, the new windows needed to be worthy of the space.


This family home definitely has a cosy, inviting feel, and we wanted to enhance that inviting aesthetic with doors and windows that wouldn’t detract from the warmth.

There’s no doubt that this was achieved thanks to the amazing frames around the doors and windows that introduced the back entertaining area with the rest of the house. With two doors leading to separate interior rooms and a rectangular viewing window in between, there was no chance the residents would be left out of the party.

Want to achieve the same look with your own property? Get in touch with the Accent team today and see how we can transform your home.

The best window designs to make a statement in your home


 Windows have so many functional uses, from filling your home with light to providing ventilation. But what’s equally important is the visual offering they contribute to your house.

Like any aesthetic feature, windows have the potential to majorly revamp your home’s overall appearance. Whether it’s a trending style or a classic design, there are so many options to suit any home.

Let’s take a look at some of the best window designs to improve and transform your home’s look.

Floor-to-ceiling windows

Nothing opens up a space quite like floor-to-ceiling windows. These are a fantastic way to create the illusion of more space between rooms, making them ideal for both external and internal walls.

Installing these large windows internally can be the perfect solution for that missing something inside your home.

An external-facing, floor-to-ceiling window also creates the illusion of bringing the outside in— especially if you happen to have a beautiful garden.

Bay windows

Is there anything as romantic as a bay window? This style comes in a variety of shapes, including circular. They’re charming and stylish in both older and modern homes.

The main appeal of bay windows is the new space they create. A bay window can act as a cosy nook, making a room more inviting. Like floor-to-ceiling windows, they’re also a great way to bring the outside in— whether that means sitting in a garden-facing bay window lined with cushions, or installing a shelf covered in potted plants.

Rakes windows

Do you have ceilings with interesting angles? Want to give your home major impact? Then rakes windows are the way to go.

While installing a square or rectangular window on an asymmetrical wall can look jarring, rakes windows fit perfectly with any unconventionally-shaped space. They also provide dimension to both the room and your home’s external appearance.

Why not turn that overhanging roof into a stylish statement?

Louvre windows

What’s not to love about louvre windows? This classic style is a great way to enhance a traditional home or try something different in contemporary builds— but they’re particularly striking in coastal homes.

Louvre windows also provide ventilation without shutters that could obstruct views.

Sashless windows

If you’re after a sleek look then sashless windows might be the perfect choice for you. Like louvre windows, their seamless design allows for unobstructed views.

Their unique appearance is also a fantastic way to open up a room with a design that’s a little different to the traditional options. This makes them a terrific addition to modern homes.

Contrasting shapes

Even the most unassuming windows can create an impression with a little creative placement.

Installing windows of contrasting shapes and sizes creates a truly modern aesthetic in any home. This variation will establish diversity in your home’s design and leave an impression on anyone who sees it.

No matter what style of window you’re after, the Accent team can help you find the right fit for your home. Get in touch today to give your home serious impact.

How to reduce energy costs with your home’s doors and windows

Aluminium Doors- Accent Windows

Australia is full of weather extremes, so it can be hard to keep your home’s temperature regulated throughout such intense seasons. As the barrier to the outside world, your windows and doors have a big impact on how much you end up paying to heat and cool your house.

There are so many things you can do to your doors and windows to keep your house cool in summer and warm in winter that will also have a positive effect on your energy costs. Read on to find some handy hints that anyone can implement, no matter what your budget.

Utilise and control natural light

The sun is the ultimate source of warmth, but that’s not such a great thing when it comes to the sweltering summer months.

Opting for tinting or Low-E glass can deflect the sun’s rays and help to keep your home cool even when the sun is at its most intense. All of Accent’s products come with tinting options, double glazing and Low-E glass options.

On the other hand, letting sunlight in through your windows can be a great way to warm up a room in winter, especially if those windows are floor-to-ceiling.

Domestic Bay- Accent Windows

Keep the cold out and the heat in

Did you know that a single pane of glass can lose almost ten times as much heat as the same area of insulated wall? No matter how amazing your heating system is, your home’s energy efficiency is going to suffer if your home can’t retain heat.

Retrofitting your home doesn’t have to cost much. The first thing you should do is seal up all draughts. This can be done using a sealant from a hardware store. Make sure you check all door and window frames for any potential draughts. If there’s a gap at the bottom of any doors, block them with “door snakes”— that’s a tube of durable fabric that can also be found at hardware stores.

Investing in some heavy, quality curtains will also help to both keep the cold out and keep the warmth in. Ditch those sheer window dressings and go for something quality instead.

If you do have the budget to do some renovations, double glazing will save you some serious dollars down the track. Double glazing increases a window’s thermal efficiency and helps to maintain the temperature inside your home.

Interested in double glazing? Reach out to the Accent team and discuss options to suit your home and energy needs today.

5 door and window trends for 2019

Commercial Sliding Doors In Melbourne

There’s no better way to welcome in the new year than by changing up your living space. Re-decorating and renovating is such a great way to breathe new life into your home and keep your decor on-trend.

In fact, sometimes changing just one feature can do so much to update your home’s look. Why not take a look at this year’s major trends for doors and windows and see how your space could benefit?

1. Keep it sustainable

Being eco-friendly is in, which is great news for both your home and the planet. Whether you’re giving your home a trending makeover or giving your whole life a green overhaul, why not think sustainable with your windows, too?

One of the most important elements of sustainability is longevity. Something that needs to be replaced regularly takes up more energy and resources than something that’s built to last.

This is exactly why aluminium is such an environmentally-friendly material. Not only does it hold its own against the element, but it lasts for years with minimal maintenance required.

2. Back to black

Did you hear? Black is back for 2019. This dark tone works surprisingly well not only for rich colour schemes, but for the brightest colour palette alike. Just look at the use of Accent’s black aluminium frames in this episode of Channel Nine’s Buying Blind.

The best part of black is the different strengths it can lend a room. Since black is such a timeless and strong colour, it has the power to both compliment a contrasting colour scheme or make a bold statement.

3. Windows with a modern edge

Who thought something as humble as the window could be reinvented? That’s exactly what’s trending in 2019. Think narrow, wrapping around corners, or even utilising non-traditional materials like aluminium.

The best part of this trend is you don’t have to renovate your entire home to benefit from the contemporary window look. Installing modern windows can seriously change your entire home’s look and will even suit traditional weatherboard homes.

Sliding Windows- Accent Windows

4. Floor-to-ceiling windows

Windows are taking centre stage in homes for 2019, which is especially great news for darker interiors. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow much more natural light into your home. They also provide a way to bring the outdoors in, which is great for nature lovers or anyone with a beautiful garden.

Floor-to-ceiling windows are also an excellent choice for smaller rooms, as they create the illusion of more space. If you’re wanting to open up a room without knocking down a wall, consider installing a larger window.

5. Don’t swing, slide

Now this is one trend we can get behind. The perfect compromise between a door and a window, sliding doors are one trend we can get behind.

Sliding doors not only make excellent use of space, but allow natural light into a room. If you’ve been on the fence about installing a floor-to-ceiling window in your back room, why not go with a sliding door instead for added functionality?

Want to choose the best products to get behind 2019’s door and window trends? Reach out to the Accent team today and see how we can bring your home’s style up to trend.

5 reasons why aluminium is the best material for doors and windows

Aluminium Glass Windows in Melbourne

Choosing the right materials and products for your new or renovated home can definitely be confusing. Even something as simple as door and window frames can leave you feeling lost and overwhelmed.

Thankfully the Accent team are here to take the guesswork out of one of the most important choices for your home. There’s no doubt that aluminium is the superior material for frames, and not just for the reasons you might think. Read on to find out why:

1. Aluminium is better for the environment

It’s never been more important to make choices that help rather than harm our planet. Luckily, aluminium is an environmentally-friendly material for windows and doors. These frames not only minimise the use of timber, but are fully recyclable.

There are many measures you can take to make sure your windows and doors help to reduce your carbon footprint via your home’s energy efficiency. Check out our information centre for more information on our products’ energy rating.

2. Aluminium is the most versatile design option

Aluminium isn’t just practical, but stylish. The classic material and variety of timeless finishes is a look that doesn’t date and is versatile enough to work with any style or colour scheme.

In fact, one doubtful couple on Channel Nine’s Buying Blind recently discovered this after claiming they didn’t want any black in their bright, white interior. Much to their surprise and delight, the black frames installed by the Accent team made for an incredible addition to the Scandi-coastal-boho home.

3. Aluminium is affordable

Let’s be honest: renovating or building a new home is a costly process, and every little bit of savings helps. That’s why so many people are surprised at just how affordable aluminium frames can be.

The low initial cost means you can use those extra funds to upgrade your doors and windows with tinting and double-glazing!

Commercial Bi-Folds- Accent Windows

4. Aluminium provides the best value for money

Aluminium isn’t just affordable from the get-go. It’s a material that provides ongoing savings for your home in more ways than one.

Aluminium doors and windows are built to last. When properly installed by a professional team, you won’t have to worry about replacing or repairing them every few years.

5. Aluminium is low-maintenance

Let’s be honest: life’s too short to spend time washing windows and doors. That’s why aluminium is perfect for today’s busy lifestyles. Maintaining aluminium frames is as simple as washing them down with a bit of warm water, mild detergent and a soft- bristled brush.

The minimal upkeep along makes aluminium the better option by far— especially compared to timber, which is the most high-maintenance material for frames.

Whether you’ve been convinced to install aluminium frames in your home or still have a few questions, our team are here to help. Contact a friendly member of the Accent team today and see what we can do for you.

A comprehensive guide to bushfire safe windows and doors

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Bushfires have increased in both frequency and severity in recent years, inflicting massive damage to many Australian homes.

With summer fast approaching, now is the time to ensure your property is resilient against bushfires. Whether you’re building a new home or renovating an old one, it’s crucial that your doors and windows are built to withstand a potential fire.

Do I need to worry about bushfires affecting my home?

Bushfires have been reported in every state of Australia, and some areas have a higher risk than others. But living outside of a Bushfire Prone Area doesn’t necessarily mean you’re safe.

Embers can travel many kilometres and start fires in completely new areas. Your home could still become caught in a bushfire even if you’re not in an active fire zone. This is why it’s so important to make sure your home is protected, no matter where you live.

How can I protect my home from bushfires?

One of the best ways to make your home as safe from bushfire as possible is to make sure your windows and doors are compliant with the new safety ratings.

Following the devastating 2009 Black Saturday fires in Victoria, Bushfire Attack Levels (BAL) were expanded. The current six levels are:

BAL Low: There is insufficient risk to warrant specific construction requirements BAL 12.5: Ember attack.

BAL 19: Increasing levels of ember attack and burning debris ignited by windborne embers, together with increasing heat flux.

BAL 29: Increasing levels of ember attack and burning debris ignited by windborne embers, together with increasing heat flux.

BAL 40: Increasing levels of ember attack and burning debris ignited by windborne embers, together with increasing heat flux and with the increased likelihood of exposure to flames.

BAL FZ: Direct exposure to flames from fire, in addition to heat flux and ember attack.

This meant that fire safety ratings (BAL Ratings AS3959) were also revised to improve fire safety standards for all new or renovated Australian homes. Fortunately, the Australian Window Association has released detailed BAL Ratings guidelines explaining how to choose the best windows and doors to withstand bushfires.

Accent Windows Picture

Which doors have the best fire rating?

There are many factors that decide a door’s level of fire safety. Some of these features include:

  • The thickness of the door
  • Screens
  • How tightly the door is fitted
  • The combustibility of the materials
  • Glazing
  • The type of material used for the frame, glass and seals
  • Weather strips and draught seals
  • Distance from the ground and other structures
  • The type of door (for example, folding doors or French doors)

Thanks to the use of aluminium and safety standard-compliant glass, Accent’s range of doors are all up to code when it comes to BAL Ratings. In fact, every Accent product conforms to the Australian Standard (AS3959).

Which windows have the best fire rating?

Just like with doors, there are several features that decide if a window is compliant with BAL Ratings. Some of these features include:

  • Glazing
  • Screens
  • The type of material used for the frame
  • The type of glass used
  • Distance from the ground

All of Accent’s products are compliant with the Australian Standard— just one of the benefits of choosing aluminium frames.

What can I do to make my windows and doors more fire safe?

Something as simple as replacing windows and doors can make a big difference when it comes to making your house more resilient against bushfires.

The best thing you can do to increase the bushfire safety of your home is to choose materials and features that are resilient against bushfires. Luckily, Accent’s entire product range complies to BAL Ratings.

Still confused about the most fire-safe choices for windows and doors? The knowledgeable Accent Windows team are happy to help. Get in touch today to find the best options for your home.

Understanding what the orientation of your windows means for natural light


Aluminum Doors Domestic Bay

Do you want to capitalise on natural light in your home?

Homeowners often want plenty of natural light in their home, but when it comes to understanding how orientation impacts the amount and type of natural light, things can become a bit murky.

In this guide we will run through the natural light you can expect from different orientations and what each means.

Why natural light is important

When looking to buy a house you might often read and hear about orientation. Real estate agents love to use “south facing” or “north facing” as buzzwords, so you can be excused for tuning the expression out.

However, outside of being selling points, these terms do dictate quite a lot when it comes to natural light infusion within a house and the amount of daylight you’ll be able to enjoy in outdoor spaces.

Natural light will also change the way you perceive a space and shift the way you use certain areas at specific times of the day – for example if you want a sunny spot to unwind with a book, or somewhere darker to use as a office with minimal screen glare.

It’s important to note that the type of natural light will vary from season to season and depending on the weather – which might impact your desired orientation. With smart design and the right windows in a space, you can create a solution that works for you.

What does north facing mean

North facing rooms have a consistent level of light throughout the day and are usually preferential as your main living areas.

Throughout winter northern facing rooms will receive good amounts sunlight, which can help make them warmer.

What does south facing mean

It’s no surprise that south facing rooms are the opposite of their north facing counterparts. South facing rooms are usually cooler, with less direct light throughout the day.

South facing rooms will be cooler throughout the year. To brighten a south facing room you can opt for a design that infuses light from other aspects throughout the day.

What does east facing mean

East facing rooms will be bright in the morning, and receive much less natural light in the late afternoon.

During summer east facing rooms will heat up early in the day, but be cool in the evening.

What does west facing mean

The opposite of east facing, west facing rooms will have low amounts of light in the morning and intense light in the late afternoon.

Afternoon light is often strong and penetrating, so west facing rooms are warmer in the evening and cool in the morning.

Choosing the right windows and doors for your space

Depending on the desired intensity and use for each of these spaces, you can choose windows and doors that accentuate or downplay the role natural light plays in the room. For established homes you can also refit and update your fixtures to suit your needs.

If you’re unsure what the best option for your space is – don’t hesitate to contact the friendly team at Accent Aluminium Windows & Doors for advice and custom solutions.

Buying Blind: How Accent helped renovate the Mount Evelyn home

Buying Blind Mt Evelyn

If you watched Channel 9’s Buying Blind last night, you may have noticed that we were heavily involved in the renovations Shaynna Blaze and the guys did on the stunning Mount Evelyn home.

If you want to know which products and services we provided for Buying Blind, you can find a full list below and how they helped bring the home to life.

Commercial awning windows Commercial awning windows are made to last and provide a versatile modern aesthetic. Our team installed commercial awnings in both the kitchen and the bathroom of the home, allowing for ample natural light to flow throughout the house and excellent ventilation. The awning installed in the bathroom featured obscured glass for added privacy.

Bi-fold servery – In-between the kitchen and the outside entertainment area we installed a bi-fold servery. This feature is a fantastic addition to the kitchen and breakfast bar, and promises to be a family favourite during the warmer months.

Sliding doors Strong, reliable and allowing plenty of natural light into living areas, sliding doors are a popular feature for many home owners. For this renovation we installed a sliding door that flows out to the new deck area from the lounge room, adding light and ventilation to this lively hub of the home.

Buying Sliding Blind Mt Evelyn

Invisi-Gard security door – For additional security we installed a seamless Invi-Gard security door to the front entry. This feature offers fantastic security, requires little maintenance and looks great.

If you want to have similar features added to your home, contact Accent Windows today. For installation and replacement services we offer a no obligation quote and site inspection.

Accent and Deadline Design with Shaynna Blaze for Lifestyle Channel

Accent has completed the manufacturing and installation products in 5 episodes (Blackburn, Collingwood, Box Hill, Prahran and Doncaster) of the first series of Deadline Design with Shaynna Blaze being shown on Foxtel’s Lifestyle Channel. Being involved right from the design stage in consultation with Shaynna on each of the projects has given Accent an insight into the “behind the scenes” operations and thought processes of Australia’s premier interior designer. It was an absolute delight to work with the entire cast and crew of this series, and hope to do further work with Beyond Productions and Shaynna in the near future.

Read below for a little further information of one of the episodes, “Collingwood”.

Recently our windows and doors featured in a stunning renovation by Shaynna Blaze within Melbourne’s iconic MacRobertson lolly factory building in Collingwood.

The building was already rich with natural materials – think timber, brick and concrete – and provided the perfect environment for our innovative and modern aluminium doors and windows.

Black frames always provide an eye-catching element and in this project, became more than a functional essential but a true design statement that ties all the components together.

Shaynna was inspired by the original steel windows at the front of the home, choosing one of our windows in the side wall to align seamlessly with the front window then linking to the new bifold doors.

As many of our projects result in increasing connectivity of indoors and outdoors, we are thrilled to see this outcome with Shaynna’s project.

Shaynna mentions also that our black-framed windows were inspired by one of the greats, Piet Mondri, as the windows complement the modernism of the interior in a dramatic, artistic rendering of function meeting design. At Accent Windows, we pride ourselves on how configurations represent and reflect changes in taste and style, and we love staying on top of current – and future – trends.




Aluminium is the low maintenance solution

Sick of the high maintenance that timber frames demand? A bonus with aluminium is that it can be left in its finished condition, a big advantage over other options.

For additional protection or decorative finishes, aluminium can be anodised or painted. In addition, it doesn’t require painting, will not warp or rot and its dimensional stability ensures years of trouble free operation.


Aluminium’s ideal combination of strength and lightness enables frames, sashes and fittings to be neat and unobtrusive. As the frames, rails and stiles can be finer than those made in wood, they allow maximum entry of light and provide unobstructed views.


Aluminium frames can be significantly less expensive than other framing options, providing a strong yet economical window and entryway solution, while also achieving excellent energy outcomes.


Anodising treatment can provide excellent corrosion resistance and a wide range of colour options. This option is widely used for both interior and exterior applications. Powder coating provides an attractive finish to aluminium frames and, once coated, does not require repainting.