Why Should You Have Double-glazed Windows This Summer?

Why Should You Have Double-glazed Windows This Summer?

Double-glazed Windows


The time of year with warmer weather and longer days has arrived. Are your windows bending and becoming hazy? Is the spiking temperature outside causing you to turn on the AC to control the home temperature during intense Summer? Don’t you think it’s better to fund window replacement than spend much on energy bills? You will observe a noticeable difference in all of those window treatments. No matter which window treatment you choose, it is better to review multiple options before making a final decision.

Many property owners prefer budget-friendly single-glazed windows. However, a double-glazed window is the best choice out of all. Would you like to know why? Let’s help you explore the advantages of choosing double-glazed windows over other alternatives.

Keeps You Cool

Because double-glazed windows can reflect excess heat from the glass, they help keep your home cool during the summer. Installing double-glazed windows means your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard to keep your home cool, and you’ll save money on your energy bill. These windows offer higher insulation than regular glass, allowing the heat to enter your premises.

Keeps Out The Noise

One of the main benefits of having double-glazed windows is that they can significantly decrease the amount of noise that enters your house. If you live in a busy city or near a construction site, this can be a huge relief. Double-glazing creates a barrier between two sheets of glass, which helps to absorb and deflect sound waves. This can significantly affect the overall quietness at your home.

Control UV Light & Damage

The sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays can harm your skin cells and accelerate ageing. But did you know that they can also damage your home’s interior? UV rays can fade furniture, carpets, and curtains. UV rays can also develop cracks in the windows gradually.

Double-glazed windows have a special coating that helps reflect UV rays away from your home. This helps protect your belongings from fading and your windows from becoming damaged. So, if you’re worried about the sun’s harmful UV rays, double-glazed windows are a great way to help protect your home this summer.

Offers More Curtain Options

There are many different types of curtains available on the market, and each has its own set of benefits. Curtains help in making your room appear bigger and brighter and still manage to offer the privacy you need at your premises.

With double-glazed windows, you can use your favourite window coverings and don’t let harmful UV rays and extreme summer heat trouble you.

Boosts Property Security

You might think of summer as a time to embrace the warm temperature. However, summer is also a time when many homes are broken into. Thefts happen during this time because criminals know you will keep the windows wide open during hot weather. Double-glazed windows are much more difficult to break than single-glazed windows and offer a higher level of security for your home. If you’re looking for a way to boost the security of your home this summer, double-glazed windows are an excellent option.

Increases Home Value

Double-glazed windows are a valuable home improvement because they can help increase your home’s value. Double-glazed windows are perhaps an asset when you plan to put your house for sale. Moreover, they can maximise your home’s energy efficiency, increasing its value to potential buyers.

Get Your Double-Glazed Window Today With Accent Windows

We strongly advise you to not let your old and wretched windows make your summer intolerable. Install double-glazed windows to maintain your comfort level while saving money all year round. Consult a professional to find the best windows for your home.

Are you willing to take the dive and buy double-glazing for your property? Whether you’re looking for bay windows or awning windows, Accent Windows can help. Contact us today to request a quote. We will make sure you enjoy all the advantages of double-glazing!

Spend Time Outside This Summer On Your Patio

Outdoor Patio.


Gone are the days when we had to stay indoors for parties and family functions. The time for preparing the patio and giving it the attention they deserve for summer is finally here.

Even if getting your outdoor patios ready for summer isn’t a challenging task, let’s help you with some tips on how you can set up outdoor patios:

  1. Check the Condition of Your Deck or Patio
  2. Check if your deck space is in proper condition to set up the patio for summer. Post-winter, it’s possible some damage has happened to the deck. That’s why we suggest you inspect the sundeck as soon as you decide to work on patio arrangements. You should check for cracks, breaks, crumbling, or splintered areas on the floor. Use a patchy compound to repair the damaged surface.

  3. Clean Your Deck or Patio if Required
  4. Once you repair the damaged patio, clean it to set up the deck or patio. Sweeping off loose debris and dirt doesn’t take much time as it is an easy task. Use a weed puller to pull out weeds from cracks. Also, wash and clean your deck accurately, as it could be prone to mould and mildew.

  5. Clean Your Summer Patio Furniture
  6. Now that you have cleaned your deck, bring out the patio furniture and work on a quick cleaning before using it. With autumn bringing wind, rain, and falling leaves, your outdoor furniture might have gotten some wear and tear. Tighten screws and bolts. Use an old rag or scrub with warm water and dish soap to remove stubborn stains. Put lubricant and enable your adjustable furniture to move better. Use sandpaper to scrub off the rust if you have metal furniture. Finally, don’t forget to dry out furniture after cleaning as wet spots can damage furniture’s material.

  7. Set Up Your Summer Patio Furniture and Decor
  8. Based on the deck space you have to set up patio furniture, you should decide the furniture and decor you want on the deck. For smaller patio areas, put your favourite decor pieces and furniture in a way that makes your patio appear larger. Keeping it spacious makes it easy for people to walk through. After all, all you wish for is a space to have fun with your near and dear ones.

While considering tips on setting outdoor patios, you should also consider the aesthetic of your home to prepare a place where you can have fun.

Accent Aluminium Windows For Stylish Enclosures in Melbourne

The summer is all about enjoying outdoor parties and meals! Contact Accent Windows if you want to build an outdoor seating area at your place that is safe from the outer elements. Call us on (03) 9729 4088 or request a quote to enjoy warm summer days with different patio styles.

Spring Clean Your Style: How to Give Your Home a Spring Clean Without the Clean

A stylish living room with walls of windows. Outside are many green plants. Inside is a large grey L shaped couch, a grey seat, and an oval coffee table all styled with beiges and blues.

With Spring here, soak up the sun as Spring unfolds the warmth for Australia to bloom to life with flowers. Upgrade your windows now to bring some Spring to your property. Let’s get to know what is hot in window installations and renovations for families and home renovators this Spring.

As this season is all about light and airy fabrics, bold prints, and nature-inspired designs of Spring, here are a few of the top trends for window installations to keep an eye out for:

Aluminium Sliding Windows

Fill your room with natural light with aluminium sliding window installations. These windows:

  • Open up the spaces to make a room appear larger
  • Let there be enough light entering your premises
  • Improve the effectiveness of the heating and cooling system in your living space
  • Offer easy-to-use functionality with a neat and clean appearance

Benefit from our modern designed sliding windows Melbourne wide. The windows come in a smooth, sleek design that can enrich your home environment.

Curtain Wall

Curtain walls by Accent windows serve as a design focal point for high-end bespoke modern homes. These ecowalls offer:

  • Maximum light exposure to the premises
  • Design interest in the architecture
  • Breathtaking views
  • Resistance against moisture, heat, wind, and earthquakes
  • Drains water efficiently as they work as a single unit and drains water through sub-sills

Consider installing our curtain walls to your place as the wider and stronger frame offers one window where you can usually have multiple.

Sashless Window

Sashless windows are an ultra-modern alternative to traditional windows as they combine style and functionality to offer exceptional benefits in Spring. These windows let you:

  • Take in an aesthetically pleasing view
  • Have ease to integrate and simple to operate
  • Choose from vertical and horizontal options
  • Enjoy a luxurious look
  • Cherish light and fresh air

Pick from our variety of tinted and obscure glasses to fit in the sashless windows for Spring upgrades.

Accent Aluminium Windows For Everything Windows in Melbourne

The time has come if you plan on modifying your window treatments for Spring! This season is about light and airy neutrals for your home. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and contact Accent Windows for your new spring window treatments today! We bet you won’t regret your decision when you see how significantly we transform your space to make it Spring ready. (thereader.com)

Why Aluminium Sliding Doors are Perfect for Melbourne Homes

Patio Sliding Windows in Melbourne

Sliding doors are a popular choice of product for any builder or homeowner who needs aluminium doors for their premises. Sliding doors aren’t simply just right for opening up your house to outdoor patio areas. Believe it or not, sliding doors are so popular due to the fact that they help to create a sense of flow throughout your interior spaces and different rooms. If you’ve been looking for aluminium doors Melbourne builders would be happy to recommend, read on to see what a good set of sliding doors could do to maximise space in your home.

Internal sliding doors can help to truly beautify your interiors. At Accent Aluminium Windows, we always encourage our customers to consider beyond just a functional perspective. When it comes to picking our aluminium windows and doors, you can trust that our team is always happy to make only the best recommendations. If you need aluminium doors or windows Melbourne builders trust and would recommend, look no further than to Accent Aluminium Windows. If you’ve been considering sliding doors for your home, read on to see how they can bring the best out of your home.

Sliding Doors Provide Flexibility for Your Interiors

Have you ever wondered what it is about open-plan layouts that make them so popular? These are usually associated with modern interior design, but their appeal is understandably unanimous. Open plan layouts benefit from the clever use of sliding doors, especially as a way to introduce areas of your home that you could otherwise ‘hide away’ from view. Think for example, of a top-hung sliding door that obscures your kitchen from your dining area.

The Flexibility Will Help to Provide Space

Consider working with a sliding door that tracks away into a wall recess. If this is not an option, then we are always happy to recommend stacking doors for the very same purpose of helping you to keep a neat view around your doorways. It’s not so much to do with what you can fit in a room, than it is to do with how much space a neatly-folded away set of sliding doors can present. This image of space will go a long way in helping you to achieve a pleasant interior experience around your home.

They Help You Avoid Clutter and Create Light-filled Spaces

Avoiding the impression of clutter will no doubt help you create more space around your interior areas. Eventually, you will also begin to realise how this creates less obstruction for light-filled spaces to form. Neatly-tucked away sliding doors will help you ‘open up’ the areas of your home like never before. With these benefits in mind, shouldn’t it seem the obvious choice for your next renovation project?

Call Accent Aluminium Windows if You Need Sliding Doors for Your Home

Our team of installers and interior stylists are always proud to recommend the right set of sliding doors and windows to our customers. Whether you are mulling over a decision to do with a new build home, or for a renovation project, it always helps to have an expert opinion. Just call through to our friendly team on (03) 9729 4088 to see how we can help you find the right set of sliding doors for your home.

Smart Door Solutions for Renovating Your New Home

Aluminium Smart Doors In Melbourne

No matter the type of design you’ve gone for, there’s plenty to consider when it comes to finding the right doors for your new build home. However, it’s no surprise how plenty of new homeowners feel caught out when looking for doors Melbourne builders find dependable and cost-effective. Plenty of different factors need to be considered when it comes to installing windows and doors. If you don’t want to end up feeling frustrated by the process of selecting the right doors for your new home, then know that our team at Accent Aluminium Windows is just a phone call away.

The thing to always keep in mind is an appreciation for the seasonal variations that your new build home will face. Living in Australia, you’ll already be aware of what to look out for with each of the four seasons we experience annually. This is an important first consideration to make when installing doors or windows Melbourne homeowners find reliable. To find smart solutions for your new home, it’s always good to keep to a basic consideration of how the seasonal changes will affect your home. Among the many factors that come from this appreciation for seasonal wear, are heat transference and the need for waterproofing during the wet seasons. If you’re soon to be a proud homeowner, read on to find useful tips that could help you find the right doors for your home, while keeping costs and frustrations low.

Try Glass to Create a Light-filled Space

Regardless of the architectural style you’ve chosen for your new home, you can always achieve a light-filled interior environment with the help of doors that feature the use of glass. Despite what some may believe, these types of doors do provide a fair amount of durability and prevent heat transference. We keep a range of aluminium doors that can help if you have an interior space, such as a hallway or entryway that could use a bit of natural light.

Remember to Ask About Glazing to Insulate from Heat Loss

Did you know we can help to provide professional glazing for your aluminium doors and aluminium windows? This is especially helpful if heat transference is an important consideration for your new build home. Professionally glazed aluminium windows can help to reduce heat transference, especially if these are windows for a bedroom. Appropriately glazed windows will help to prevent your interior spaces losing heat to outdoor environments, especially during the colder months of winter.

Consider Opting for Special Coating or Materials to Weatherproof Your Entrances

We can also provide special materials for your door frames if weatherproofing is a primary concern for your new build home. We have doors and coating options to specifically help ensure your doors do not go through needless wear and tear, especially if they are exposed to the outdoors. Depending on the type of property you are in, a quick consultation with our experts will always help you find exactly the solution you need.

Accent Aluminium Windows can Help with Your New Windows and Door Installs

Don’t take needless risks when it comes to finding smart solutions for your doors. Working with our professionals will help you take the fuss and frustration away, so we can ensure your forever home has a good set of doors that not only looks great but works perfectly too. Just call us on (03) 9729 4088 and we’ll be happy to help.

Fixing an Aluminium Bi-fold Door that Simply Won’t Close

Bi-Fold Doors In Living Room- Accent Windows

Plenty of homeowners encounter this problem when it comes to their bi-fold aluminium doors. The good news is that it is often a product of wear and tear, and can be quickly resolved. In case you aren’t sure what we are referring to, it’s when your aluminium bi-fold doors won’t fully shut. Aluminium bi-fold doors are made of two or more panels, which are connected by their hinges to form a seal over a doorway or entrance. These are among the most popular types of doors Melbourne homeowners and builders love to consider, especially for renovation projects. When it comes to picking out aluminium doors, or windows Melbourne builders find reliable, Accent Aluminium Windows never fails to satisfy.

You can bet that aluminium bi-fold doors rate highly among our top product choices here at Accent Aluminium Windows. Our team is often fond of recommending these, especially when our customers make any enquiries about sliding doors or alternatives to sliding doors. The reason for this is that both sliding doors and bi-fold doors can allow for glass panes to be framed within aluminium frames. This in turn helps to maximise the amount of natural light that your interior spaces can receive. If you have experienced issues with your bi-fold doors that cause them not to fully close, keep a set of tools ready and read on to find out about our DIY recommendation.

Find the Snugger and Make the Right Adjustments

A snugger is a plastic component that holds a metal spring within it. Snuggers are an essential component in most bi-fold doors and are usually found in the section where a bi-fold door stops when completely opened. Often, a closed bi-fold door may push against the snugger spring too tightly, causing the door to open itself after you’ve closed it. In this case, you’ll need to push the snugger further in towards the side where the door casing is located. The door casing is the trim that’s fitted around the door frame. For bi-fold doors that have four panels, you may want to make adjustments to the spring, so that it is centred within the snugger.

Sliding the Snugger through Your Door Panels

Most bi-fold door designs will allow you to slide the snugger along the track until it is centred evenly between the door panels. Where you’ll have to push the snugger is mostly determined by the number of panels that your door has. For four-panel bi-fold doors, you’ll need to slide the snugger until it is centred between the panels. Two-panel bi-fold doors will require you to slide the snugger towards the side where the door casing is located.

Checking for Any Additional Adjustments

Once you’ve slid the snugger to its appropriate spot, you can now test to see if your bi-fold doors will fully close. If it still refuses to fully close, you may have to detach the door from its track to inspect it further. At this stage, check online to see if any video tutorials are available to help you be fully certain, in case you feel confident enough to handle the DIY adjustment on your own. Most bi-fold doors may require you to unhinge them so you may comfortably make any additional adjustments that involve loosening the bracket so you may align it to be closer to the door casing.

Accent Aluminium Windows can Help with Your Bi-fold Doors

Hopefully, these tips would have helped you better understand why it is that your bi-fold doors may be malfunctioning. These are very simple tips to consider, for a common issue that is often found with bi-fold doors. However, you should remember that we keep a team of professional installers and consultants who is more than able to help whether you require a replacement or assistance with malfunctioning bi-fold doors. All you need is to call us on (03) 9729 4088 if you ever need to enquire about aluminium doors or aluminium windows today.

How to Choose Tracks for an Aluminium Sliding Door

Sliding Doors For Living Room

Sliding doors are among some of the most popular options considered by homeowners looking for doors Melbourne builders would be happy to recommend. Sliding doors are simply stylish and durable products that help to brighten up any interior space. If you have been looking for aluminium doors in Melbourne, you may already have thought of how sliding doors could fit your premises. However, like most responsible homeowners, you may have wondered how your new aluminium doors would fit and what tracks they might need.

These specifications are often factored in by the professional window and door installers, like ours at Accent Aluminium Windows. However, we believe it never hurts to keep relevant product knowledge in mind, especially if you are about to make a decision for your new home build. If you need aluminium doors or aluminium windows, remember that we are among the leading manufacturers in Melbourne and are always ready to help with an obligation-free consultation. If you’re curious to know more about choosing the right tracks for your aluminium sliding doors, read on.

Important Factors to Consider

Sliding doors feature a popular mechanism that simply has not lost favour among builders and homeowners. Over time, sliding door designs continue to improve, with a number of options to consider when it comes to picking out the right product for your property. With all the options available, we often recommend that our customers consider the following points before deciding on their sliding door tracks:

  • Door weight
  • Space that you have available
  • Security factor
  • Indoor or Outdoor Use

Do these Doors Open Up to Outside Areas?

Sliding glass doors will be the perfect choice for you if you need your new set of doors to open up to an outdoor area. At Accent Aluminium Windows, we are always happy to recommend aluminium framed doors that are used with a separate track for a flyscreen. These will both slide behind a fixed glass panel and are always a popular choice among our customers due to their style factor. The reason why we would recommend sliding glass doors is simply due to the fact that they will provide a great view of your outdoor areas.

Which Options are Better for the Indoor Spaces?

Cavity doors are often the popular choice that we recommend, for builders or customers who need to consider sliding door tracks for their indoor areas. We can also recommend heavier door tracks for use with flat handles or with specific locking systems. These types of sliding door tracks can make using even heavier types of doors easier and smoother. Whether you are going for a top mounted sliding door track or a more conventional one, you definitely have options to consider.

Accent Aluminium Windows can Help with Your Sliding Doors

Regardless of your needs for a sliding door, you are always welcome to consult with our team of experts. If you need doors and windows Melbourne builders would be happy to recommend, remember to look no further than to Accent Aluminium Windows. We are always happy to provide an obligation-free consultation when you call us on (03) 9729 4088.

Proud Supplier House Rules High Stakes

Window and Door Suppliers

Accent Aluminium Windows Gets a Spot on Channel 7’s House Rules

If you’re a fan of the show like we are, you would likely have noticed our aluminium windows being featured on House Rules. In the episode featuring a new house build in Cranbourne, contestants were issued the challenge of creating a light-filled space for their fellow competitors’ ‘forever home’. We were thrilled to work with the show’s producers in recommending aluminium window models that would help do just that!

The rules were simple, and the goal was to create a natural feel to show participants Kayne and Aimee’s new home. Designed to be spacious yet simple, wood panel walls and surfaces were a strong feature within their home. When combined with an abundance of natural light, spaces like these tend to create a calming atmosphere – especially when matched with indoor plants. Ideally, any type of furnishing within this sort of interior space would suit material like leather, as well as fabrics that complement the same colour scheme.

Designer Aluminium Windows, Stylish Melbourne Home

Our crew from Accent Aluminium Windows was there with the producers and participants of the latest House Rules season, to help kit out the Cranbourne home with a set of fitting aluminium windows. Sleek in black trimmings, these offered not just aesthetic appeal, but also energy efficiency, as all our products do. Made right here in our Bayswater North factory, our aluminium windows fit the need for light-filled rooms perfectly in Cranbourne. The look on the participants’ faces would have said enough: a light-filled kitchen and living room are exactly what their forever home needed the most! The next time you’re tuned in to House Rules on Channel 7, remember to keep a lookout for how our aluminium windows help new homeowners create the light-filled interior spaces that they had always dreamed about.

Gem of Malvern

House Image- Accent Windows
We at Accent Aluminium Windows and Doors have recently successfully completed a landmark project in Malvern. We collaborated with some of the most renowned professionals in the building industry and achieve the final fruits of our synergetic efforts.
Please find below some of the key partners:

All the windows and door used in the project were meticulously designed by our sales and estimation team complying with all the regulations.

The products were crafted at our Baywater North manufacturing facility by some of the highly skills fabricators.

Finally installed by our highly proficient installation team.

Luxury homes specialist Accent Aluminium Windows and Doors completed project in Malvern, the heart of prestigious homes in Melbourne and still stands heads and shoulders above the rest,

Our team at Accent had to overcome many challenges during the process from various shaped windows, massive size panels to highly complex and sensitive logistics due to the location of the block and the placement of the windows.

For this project panels were as heavy as 500kgs and we had to engaged two cranes (spider crane and mobile / telescopic crane) just to handle weights.

There were a range of products used in the project as listed below:

  1. Eco Wall 225mm: This one has been beautifully used between the dining and the stairs. The wall expands into 2 floors also over-looking the vertical garden on one side while up stair hallway looking down on the other. Eco Wall 225mm frame was perfectly used to open the space and lighten up the whole building.
  2. Very large Commercial Awning Windows: This was used in the front of the house on both the floors. This creates the clean vertical look like also facilitating ventilation. (Ambien)
  3. Top Hung Sliding Door: This is a perfect example of what the sliding door have become in the 21st century. Beautiful 6 panel top hung sliding doors opening in the corner with sill recessed in the floor using additional drains. The way the slide is nothing less than a piece of art when you put it in context of the room.
  4. Double Glaze Sashless Windows: Perfectly used in the around full sized floor to ceiling fixed windows to have the best ventilation while having minimum interruptions the view.
  5. Hinged Door with Translucent Glass: This combination is used in the basement toilet which has a natural source of light hitting the door. Through the translucent glass the light penetrated into the small space lighting it up.
  6. Butt joint and corner butt joint fixed window: This is used in the gym in the basement and what a perfect way to remove all interruptions and expand the space from the gymnasium to the car park.
  7. Raked window. Particularly angled at bottom: used right next to the stairs which is usually a narrow confined space. By using a raked window aligned with the flow of the stairs creating a practical solution for light and space while significantly acquiring a style of It’s own.
  8. Massive window showcasing the vertical garden. Combining inside with outside while opening up the gates for light to flow into the stairs and the basements. The size of the window rising from the basement level pushing its way all the way to the ceiling is a very creative and genius way to introduce glass while maintaining soft feel of home.

The outcome is a piece of art and a delightful experience inside out, the finish accentuates the values that Accent believes in and that is 100% satisfaction and value for the customer.

Truly a Gem of Malvern.

Using Drains with your Doors

Alspec 77 Bower Manly
Designed to straddle the water-sensitive divide between the indoor and outdoor spaces, threshold drains have become a focal point in many home designs. They feature a linear stainless-steel drainage system with a concealed channel section for door tracks and thresholds. The linear sits flush against the door-track in alignment with the ground surface. The smooth integrated concealed sub sill collects water and condensation around the doorway, carrying it to an external draining system.

These stunning and practical drains can also integrate seamlessly into sliding doors, bi-fold doors and pivot doors. With its wide range of benefits, and specific design-we are here to tell you why you should be using drains with your doors! So keep reading to find out why you should be using drains with your doors:

  • Thresholds Add Style:
    As the drain integrates elegantly into the door, it offers a low-profile design that is modern and stylish. The narrow-profile stainless steel design matches traditional with contemporary and is versatile enough to meet any doorway and shape. They are available in five different styles of grate design, so it’s easy to find one that will suit your taste and needs!
  • Thresholds are Waterproof Compliant
    These drains are designed to convey up to 40 litres of water and can collect any spillage or rain that may occur. The stainless-steel drainage system has a concealed channel section and is attached to door tracks. Due to it’s proximity to indoor and outdoor areas, the system will collect any water-fall and condensation, eliminating the built-up of moisture and flooding near the door.
  • Thresholds Allow For Seamless Entry:
    Threshold drains are an increasingly popular design that dissolves barriers between indoor and outdoor spaces. They feature a level-plane design and provide a seamless connection to indoor and outdoor areas. As the drains are integrated into the door-track, the threshold provides a continuous path which eliminates ‘tripping’ hazards.

Want To Know More?
If you want to know more about sleek contemporary designed threshold range, then it’s time to get in contact with our team! At Accent windows, we work closely with manufacturers to ensure that threshold solutions are of the highest quality and fit for purpose. With an extensive range and subsill configurations, Accent Windows can customise a solution for your unique specifications.

Reach out to our professionals today on 03 9729 4088 to learn more about using drains with your doors! Or you can email us on sales@accentwindows.com.au