Ethnic Business AwardsFinalist 2019

Ethnic Business AwardsFinalist 2019



Recently our Director Basir Abbass was nominated for the Prestigious Ethnic Business Awards and we have now been notified that he is one of the finalists to attend the Awards Ceremony late October 2019.

The awards ceremony will be hosted in Sydney by the Prime Minister and is scheduled to be televised on SBS TV on the evening of 28th of October 2019, for more details please see below.

We believe Accent is already a winner for being selected as a finalist, nomination itself is a humbling experience for Basir and accepted with gratitude.

Accent Aluminium Window and Doors is Ethnic Business Awards Finalist


We thank you for your continual support over past years for engaging and understanding Accent Aluminum Windows and Doors’ needs as a business and more importantly as a member of your own family.

Accent is a family business and it will remain a family business, everyone that interacts with Accent will be treated as a family member, with that we feel privileged to have worked with you as a member of our family and making this award nomination possible, without your support this nomination would not have been possible, we just wanted you to know that we appreciate every step of the journey that you have been with us.


How to reduce energy costs with your home’s doors and windows

Australia is full of weather extremes, so it can be hard to keep your home’s temperature regulated throughout such intense seasons. As the barrier to the outside world, your windows and doors have a big impact on how much you end up paying to heat and cool your house.

There are so many things you can do to your doors and windows to keep your house cool in summer and warm in winter that will also have a positive effect on your energy costs. Read on to find some handy hints that anyone can implement, no matter what your budget.

Utilise and control natural light

The sun is the ultimate source of warmth, but that’s not such a great thing when it comes to the sweltering summer months.

Opting for tinting or Low-E glass can deflect the sun’s rays and help to keep your home cool even when the sun is at its most intense. All of Accent’s products come with tinting options, double glazing and Low-E glass options.

On the other hand, letting sunlight in through your windows can be a great way to warm up a room in winter, especially if those windows are floor-to-ceiling.

Keep the cold out and the heat in

Did you know that a single pane of glass can lose almost ten times as much heat as the same area of insulated wall? No matter how amazing your heating system is, your home’s energy efficiency is going to suffer if your home can’t retain heat.

Retrofitting your home doesn’t have to cost much. The first thing you should do is seal up all draughts. This can be done using a sealant from a hardware store. Make sure you check all door and window frames for any potential draughts. If there’s a gap at the bottom of any doors, block them with “door snakes”— that’s a tube of durable fabric that can also be found at hardware stores.

Investing in some heavy, quality curtains will also help to both keep the cold out and keep the warmth in. Ditch those sheer window dressings and go for something quality instead.

If you do have the budget to do some renovations, double glazing will save you some serious dollars down the track. Double glazing increases a window’s thermal efficiency and helps to maintain the temperature inside your home.

Interested in double glazing? Reach out to the Accent team and discuss options to suit your home and energy needs today.

5 door and window trends for 2019

There’s no better way to welcome in the new year than by changing up your living space. Re-decorating and renovating is such a great way to breathe new life into your home and keep your decor on-trend.

In fact, sometimes changing just one feature can do so much to update your home’s look. Why not take a look at this year’s major trends for doors and windows and see how your space could benefit?

1. Keep it sustainable

Being eco-friendly is in, which is great news for both your home and the planet. Whether you’re giving your home a trending makeover or giving your whole life a green overhaul, why not think sustainable with your windows, too?

One of the most important elements of sustainability is longevity. Something that needs to be replaced regularly takes up more energy and resources than something that’s built to last.

This is exactly why aluminium is such an environmentally-friendly material. Not only does it hold its own against the element, but it lasts for years with minimal maintenance required.

2. Back to black

Did you hear? Black is back for 2019. This dark tone works surprisingly well not only for rich colour schemes, but for the brightest colour palette alike. Just look at the use of Accent’s black aluminium frames in this episode of Channel Nine’s Buying Blind.

The best part of black is the different strengths it can lend a room. Since black is such a timeless and strong colour, it has the power to both compliment a contrasting colour scheme or make a bold statement.

3. Windows with a modern edge

Who thought something as humble as the window could be reinvented? That’s exactly what’s trending in 2019. Think narrow, wrapping around corners, or even utilising non-traditional materials like aluminium.

The best part of this trend is you don’t have to renovate your entire home to benefit from the contemporary window look. Installing modern windows can seriously change your entire home’s look and will even suit traditional weatherboard homes.

4. Floor-to-ceiling windows

Windows are taking centre stage in homes for 2019, which is especially great news for darker interiors. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow much more natural light into your home. They also provide a way to bring the outdoors in, which is great for nature lovers or anyone with a beautiful garden.

Floor-to-ceiling windows are also an excellent choice for smaller rooms, as they create the illusion of more space. If you’re wanting to open up a room without knocking down a wall, consider installing a larger window.

5. Don’t swing, slide

Now this is one trend we can get behind. The perfect compromise between a door and a window, sliding doors are one trend we can get behind.

Sliding doors not only make excellent use of space, but allow natural light into a room. If you’ve been on the fence about installing a floor-to-ceiling window in your back room, why not go with a sliding door instead for added functionality?

Want to choose the best products to get behind 2019’s door and window trends? Reach out to the Accent team today and see how we can bring your home’s style up to trend.

How to choose the perfect entrance door for your home

Life is full of small decisions that can have big consequences, and this is never more apparent than when you’re building or renovating your home. Choosing a front door for your property seems straightforward, but it can be hard to know where to even start. Check out our handy guide to make sure you’ve got all your bases covered.

It’s not just a door

A front door is more than just a way to separate the inside of your property from the out. It’s your home’s first impression, and the thing that will welcome you home day after day. With that in mind, it’s worth considering what kind of statement you want your home’s entrance to make— especially in the context of your property’s overall design.

While you might have had your heart set on French doors, do they fit into your home’s contemporary aesthetic? Would the bi-fold doors you’ve been eyeing off be better suited to your back patio? Have you looked beyond traditional hinged options and considered sliding doors? It’s best to look over all your options before making any final decision.

Another factor that comes into play is the direction of your property frontage in relation to the sun’s path. A glass door is a fantastic way to introduce natural light to an otherwise dark entryway— something that can’t be said for a timber door. Better yet, it’s easy to create just as much privacy as a solid timber door with curtains or blinds.

Immediate versus long-term cost

A front door is the one thing you don’t want to cheap out on. There’s nothing worse than a creaky, unsafe or poorly-insulated door that will cause nothing but trouble — and financial woes — down the track.

Your front door’s energy and safety ratings — including fire safety — can have a noticeable impact on your home’s finances down the track. But what about the small expenses that aren’t so obvious?

Time is money, and this is exactly where cleaning and maintenance come into play. Choosing an entrance door that’s made of a low-maintenance material like aluminium means you don’t lose hours to cleaning and repairing. This is especially important to think about if you live on a busy road where your front door is bound to collect more dirt and dust.

Don’t ruin a good thing

While there are so many different features to consider when selecting a front door for your home, the actual product is only half of the equation. The door of your dreams could turn into a nightmare if you select the wrong supplier— or worse, try to install it yourself.

Choosing the right business to install your door is possibly the most important part of the process. A professional service team will not only assist in the right design for your home, but provide expert installation that will make your new door last for years to come.

At Accent, we know what great service is because it’s what we’re known for. From our installation process to our extensive product warranty, we always go above and beyond to create a positive impression for your property.

Reach out to the Accent team today for any questions you may have about creating the perfect entryway for your home.

The best of Buying Blind

As the year draws to a close, we look back and celebrate our best achievements for the Accent team. One of the biggest highlights has been our TV appearances— especially Channel Nine’s Buying Blind.

We were delighted to help bring three Australian families’ dreams to life by adding the special Accent touch to their homes, transforming the drab to dazzling and creating spaces to be cherished for a lifetime.


Dallas and Jenny’s home presented some unique design challenges due to Jenny’s brief, as well as the addition of a new family member to the household: Dallas’ elderly father, John.

It was therefore crucial that the Buying Blind team created a separate space for John while accommodating Jenny’s dream of a Scandi-coastal-boho interior.

Much to Shaynna Blaze’s chagrin, Jenny expressed fears over the colour black in the bohemian decor. Luckily there were no issues getting the client to trust the team’s expertise once the renovations were revealed with Accent’s classic black aluminium frames.

Ditching the original, dated cream window frames for black effortlessly complemented the relaxed, coastal interior. The final look was not only timeless, but helped to break up the sea of white throughout the home— something Shaynna was confident would stand the test of time.

A true testament to aluminium’s versatility, the black frames also provided a subdued feel for grandfather John’s very own space in the home.

Here’s the complete list of Accent’s contributions to Dallas and Jenny’s home:

Read the full breakdown of Accent’s work on the Langwarrin Buying Blind episode here.

Mount Evelyn

Lis and Ali’s desperate search for their future family home truly demonstrated that even the most frustrating renovation process is worth it if you make the right design choices.

In desperate need of an overhaul that would turn their house into a home, Lis and Ali put their trust in the Buying Blind team to make the impossible happen. Luckily, Accent helped to achieve just that.

Monument aluminium frames provided a striking contrast to the home’s bright and whimsical decor, as well as the muted blue accents along the home’s red brick exterior.

The final reveal provided a huge emotional payoff for Lis and Ali, who were clearly impressed by Shaynna’s decision to anchor the home’s more playful features — such as the polka dot bathroom tiles — with Accent’s balanced black frames.

Here’s the complete list of Accent’s contributions to Lis and Ali’s home:

Read the full breakdown of Accent’s work on the Mount Evelyn Buying Blind episode here.


Cathy and Alex’s home had massive potential to begin with, but it required a few tweaks to bring it into the modern day and make it seriously impressive.

Dull and dated elements were given a new lease on life by focusing on a rich but neutral colour scheme. The home’s expansive interior and use of wood grain throughout was the ideal space to introduce Accent’s black aluminium frames.

The black aluminium door frames installed at the home’s entrance and back door made for a bold introduction to both the entryway and the outdoor entertaining area. Accent’s black frames also allowed the home’s windows to break up the white interior and prevent the largest spaces from appearing too washed out.

While the living room’s floor-reaching aluminium window gave the space some serious impact, the star of the show was definitely the kitchen. The awning window really tied in the marble island counter and steel accents.

Here’s the complete list of Accent’s contributions to Cathy and Alex’s home:

Read the full breakdown of Accent’s work on the Doncaster Buying Blind episode here.

Who knew aluminium could be so versatile? To see how Accent’s windows and doors can transform your home, get in touch with an expert to find a custom solution for your space.

A comprehensive guide to bushfire safe windows and doors

Bushfires have increased in both frequency and severity in recent years, inflicting massive damage to many Australian homes.

With summer fast approaching, now is the time to ensure your property is resilient against bushfires. Whether you’re building a new home or renovating an old one, it’s crucial that your doors and windows are built to withstand a potential fire.

Do I need to worry about bushfires affecting my home?

Bushfires have been reported in every state of Australia, and some areas have a higher risk than others. But living outside of a Bushfire Prone Area doesn’t necessarily mean you’re safe.

Embers can travel many kilometres and start fires in completely new areas. Your home could still become caught in a bushfire even if you’re not in an active fire zone. This is why it’s so important to make sure your home is protected, no matter where you live.

How can I protect my home from bushfires?

One of the best ways to make your home as safe from bushfire as possible is to make sure your windows and doors are compliant with the new safety ratings.

Following the devastating 2009 Black Saturday fires in Victoria, Bushfire Attack Levels (BAL) were expanded. The current six levels are:

BAL Low: There is insufficient risk to warrant specific construction requirements BAL 12.5: Ember attack.

BAL 19: Increasing levels of ember attack and burning debris ignited by windborne embers, together with increasing heat flux.

BAL 29: Increasing levels of ember attack and burning debris ignited by windborne embers, together with increasing heat flux.

BAL 40: Increasing levels of ember attack and burning debris ignited by windborne embers, together with increasing heat flux and with the increased likelihood of exposure to flames.

BAL FZ: Direct exposure to flames from fire, in addition to heat flux and ember attack.

This meant that fire safety ratings (BAL Ratings AS3959) were also revised to improve fire safety standards for all new or renovated Australian homes. Fortunately, the Australian Window Association has released detailed BAL Ratings guidelines explaining how to choose the best windows and doors to withstand bushfires.

Which doors have the best fire rating?

There are many factors that decide a door’s level of fire safety. Some of these features include:

  • The thickness of the door
  • Screens
  • How tightly the door is fitted
  • The combustibility of the materials
  • Glazing
  • The type of material used for the frame, glass and seals
  • Weather strips and draught seals
  • Distance from the ground and other structures
  • The type of door (for example, folding doors or French doors)

Thanks to the use of aluminium and safety standard-compliant glass, Accent’s range of doors are all up to code when it comes to BAL Ratings. In fact, every Accent product conforms to the Australian Standard (AS3959).

Which windows have the best fire rating?

Just like with doors, there are several features that decide if a window is compliant with BAL Ratings. Some of these features include:

  • Glazing
  • Screens
  • The type of material used for the frame
  • The type of glass used
  • Distance from the ground

All of Accent’s products are compliant with the Australian Standard— just one of the benefits of choosing aluminium frames.

What can I do to make my windows and doors more fire safe?

Something as simple as replacing windows and doors can make a big difference when it comes to making your house more resilient against bushfires.

The best thing you can do to increase the bushfire safety of your home is to choose materials and features that are resilient against bushfires. Luckily, Accent’s entire product range complies to BAL Ratings.

Still confused about the most fire-safe choices for windows and doors? The knowledgeable Accent Windows team are happy to help. Get in touch today to find the best options for your home.

Understanding what the orientation of your windows means for natural light


Do you want to capitalise on natural light in your home?

Homeowners often want plenty of natural light in their home, but when it comes to understanding how orientation impacts the amount and type of natural light, things can become a bit murky.

In this guide we will run through the natural light you can expect from different orientations and what each means.

Why natural light is important

When looking to buy a house you might often read and hear about orientation. Real estate agents love to use “south facing” or “north facing” as buzzwords, so you can be excused for tuning the expression out.

However, outside of being selling points, these terms do dictate quite a lot when it comes to natural light infusion within a house and the amount of daylight you’ll be able to enjoy in outdoor spaces.

Natural light will also change the way you perceive a space and shift the way you use certain areas at specific times of the day – for example if you want a sunny spot to unwind with a book, or somewhere darker to use as a office with minimal screen glare.

It’s important to note that the type of natural light will vary from season to season and depending on the weather – which might impact your desired orientation. With smart design and the right windows in a space, you can create a solution that works for you.

What does north facing mean

North facing rooms have a consistent level of light throughout the day and are usually preferential as your main living areas.

Throughout winter northern facing rooms will receive good amounts sunlight, which can help make them warmer.

What does south facing mean

It’s no surprise that south facing rooms are the opposite of their north facing counterparts. South facing rooms are usually cooler, with less direct light throughout the day.

South facing rooms will be cooler throughout the year. To brighten a south facing room you can opt for a design that infuses light from other aspects throughout the day.

What does east facing mean

East facing rooms will be bright in the morning, and receive much less natural light in the late afternoon.

During summer east facing rooms will heat up early in the day, but be cool in the evening.

What does west facing mean

The opposite of east facing, west facing rooms will have low amounts of light in the morning and intense light in the late afternoon.

Afternoon light is often strong and penetrating, so west facing rooms are warmer in the evening and cool in the morning.

Choosing the right windows and doors for your space

Depending on the desired intensity and use for each of these spaces, you can choose windows and doors that accentuate or downplay the role natural light plays in the room. For established homes you can also refit and update your fixtures to suit your needs.

If you’re unsure what the best option for your space is – don’t hesitate to contact the friendly team at Accent Aluminium Windows & Doors for advice and custom solutions.

Caring for your aluminium windows and doors

One of the many benefits of aluminium windows and doors is the low maintenance required to keep them clean. Whilst aluminium does prove much easier to maintain than wooden frames, there are still some tips and tricks you can implement to enhance the life, appearance and functionality of your aluminium doors and windows.

General care for external frames

Caring for your exterior facing aluminium windows and doors is a simple process. Every three months you should gently clean the aluminium surfaces with clean water that’s been mixed with a mild detergent.

When cleaning the aluminium surface care should be taken, with only soft sponges or cloths being used. No abrasive materials or strong cleaning products such as Ajax should come into contact with the aluminium surface. Once you have cleaned the surface you can rinse the soapy residue off with a cloth soaked in clean water.

If you’re located in a coastal area, near prolonged construction or close to an industrial precinct, you may want to increase the frequency of cleaning to a monthly basis.

Keeping parts as good as new

Windows with sashes should be regular cleaned to ensure no debris or blockages are in the way. Doors and windows with recesses and tracks, such as sliding varieties should also be kept clear of debris regularly. Drainage holes in all doors and windows that have them should be checked regularly to ensure they are clear at all times.

Moving parts should be tended to and checked every six months. Hangers, pivots and brackets can be lightly sprayed with corrosion preventative products, and excess residue should be wiped away.

Hinges can be cleaned with warm soapy water and then rinsed with a damp cloth. If the hinges need you can apply a light spray of machine oil to keep them performing at their best.

Keep glass and flyscreens clean

Glass surfaces should be kept clean any time they appear dirty, for practicality as well as looks. Using clean water you can gently wipe away any dirt. If there are stubborn patches you might want to use a mild detergent, but any remaining residue should then be washed down with clean water.

Fly screens can be cleaned with a vacuum or brush in most instances, which should be done around three times a year. If for any reason a fly screen requires thorough cleaning you should remove the screen from the window, hose it down with clean water, gently brush the screen with a cloth and then allow it to dry before reinstalling.

One of the many benefits of aluminium windows and doors is the lower maintenance levels required – and by following these simple steps you will be able to ensure your products remain as good as new well into the future.

For information on installing or replacing windows in your home, don’t hesitate to get in contact with the friendly Accent Windows team.

Buying Blind: Adding the Accent touch to a renovated Doncaster home

Over the past few weeks, Accent Windows has been helping Shaynna Blaze and her Buying Blind team renovate a series of family homes across Victoria.

This week, we walk you through the special touches we added to this gorgeous property located in Doncaster.

Entry door – Nothing makes a better first impression than a bold, beautiful entranceway. To give this property the cutting edge it was looking for, our team installed a jet black anodised aluminium entry door unit featuring a sidelight, mid rails, a stainless-steel handle and additional dead lock.

Commercial fixed windows – Along both sides of the entry door, we added full-height fixed windows (made with matching black anodised frames) for maximum visibility and style.

Stacker door – Stacker doors that separate the inside from out create a calm sense of space in any home. Installed between the kitchen/dining area and an outdoor deck, this property just became the perfect place to entertain.

Commercial awning windows – To emphasise the space created by our stacker door, we installed large awning windows in the kitchen and pantry, as well as floor-to-ceiling awning windows in bedrooms across the home. Awning windows are a fantastic option for light and ventilation – not to mention the outdoor views!

If you’d like to see how these features could transform your home, contact Accent
Windows for a no-obligation chat today. You can also see what we’ve added to other homes on Channel Nine’s Buying Blind; simply check out our posts featuring renovated homes in Mount Evelyn and Langwarrin.

Buying Blind: All the work Accent did for the Langwarrin episode

Once again Accent Windows featured heavily in Nine’s Buying Blind. In this episode we helped Shaynna Blaze and her team renovate the Langwarrin property into a stunning family home.

If you’re after more information on the products and services we provided for Buying Blind, you can find a breakdown below.

Bi-fold kitchen servery – Seamlessly opening up the kitchen to the outside entertainment and barbecue area, these modern windows create an unrivalled hosting space for the warmer months. The stylish black frame of the servery windows contrasts nicely with the white kitchen bench top and cabinetry.

Commercial fixed windows – As part of the renovation we installed two commercial fixed windows, both of which overlook the outdoor entertainment area and allow natural light to flow into the living spaces.

Bi-fold doorsA three-panel bi-fold door was fitted between the dining room and outdoor entertainment area, opening up the space into one fresh and vibrant area that is perfect for entertaining family and friends.

Commercial sashless windowsThe ideal modern solution, sashless windows integrate into any space adding a chic and contemporary look. The sashless window we installed for Buying Blind featured obscured glass to provide privacy, whilst also offering excellent ventilation as the only openable window in the space.

Did you like what you saw from Accent on Buying Blind? To have similar features added to your home, contact Accent Windows today. For installation and replacement services we offer a no obligation quote and site inspection.

You can also see what we did for the Mount Evelyn episode right here, and watch episodes of Buying Blind via 9Now by clicking this link.


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